Great Depression and WWII

My grandpa’s experiences as told by my mom.


Discussed what he was most great full for. Also discussed how certain events impacted who he became

An Italian Immigration Interview: The Story of Anna-Marie Lento

In December 2019 in Voorhees, New Jersey, Caroline Quigley (15) interviewed her grandmother Anna-Marie Lento (80) about her immigration to the United States during the World War II time period. Born in 1939, Anna-Marie lived in Italy until she and...

Talking to my grandfather Richard Donnelly about his younger years

In this interview, Reginald Sterling (17) interviews his grandfather Richard Donnelly (89) about his childhood in Midland Park, New Jersey. He begins to share stories about his time in the Air Force and college.

The Great Listen with my grandmother, Cece in Alexander City, Alabama

My grandmother, Carolyn Edge (80), and I, Katherine Morrison (16), talk about her childhood, lessons she has learned, and historical periods she has lived through. She talks about her experience with her father being in the war for 4 years...

World War 2

In this interview we discussed what an every day life was like, personal connections to the war, and how the war has affected her to this day.

Carol Kimichik discusses growing up in the 1950s

Carol Kimichik discusses her brother joining the army, growing up through the church, and post ww2 society

Daily life in the 1950s

In this interview on December 1, 2018 in Plano Texas Kylie Lodes interviews her grandma Patricia Fuller about her life growing up. She talks about where she was born and what her school life was like as a child and...

Grandma’s Childhood

My Grandmother grew up during World War II and migrated to America when she was 11. She had a very unique childhood and believes that the people of my generation should try to get good, basic education to lay a...

Senior Home

He told us about his life and his children and his education.

What was it like growing up for you?

Growing up in during WW2 was a lot harder than many people think.

My grandma on the wars

We discussed everything from WW2 to the Vietnam and Korean wars

My grandparents talk about world war two and the red scare

What was it like to grow up during World War Two and the Red Scare?

WWII Relating to Family

Leanne Drennan talks about her experience having a father who fought in WWII

Laura Smith interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix about growing up during World War II

In this interview, Laura Smith (16) interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix (80). Betty shares her memories of growing up during World War II and living in Alabama during the civil rights movement. This interview was conducted on November 22, 2018,...


Jack talks about his life

Ba-chan Interview Part 2

My microphone glitched halfway through the first take so here’s a continuation.