Life Story interview with Austin Phillips, his mother, Beth Phillips and his grandmother, Pat Phillips.

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at All Saints Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 17 students, Austin won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life Story...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I sat down with my mom to talk about and remember my grandma Alma

My Son Dan

My son and I talked about the writing life and how we would describe each other to people who didn't know us.

English Interview Project

A discussion with my dad about his career as an English professor.

Emory and I

I interviewed my cousin Emory, who recently graduated from college Seattle for film. We share similar career interests, and I wanted to learn some things from her, as well as simply just talk to her.

Interviewing my sister Caroline

I asked my sister about a piece of literature that influenced her or made her more open minded and she discussed J. D. Salinger and some of his work that she enjoyed.

A little nerdy conversation

I catch up with a dear friend of mine and talk about her goals, and then reminiscent of our time in highschool.

Global Arizona: Stella Saperstein Part 3

In this three-part interview I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Stella Saperstein. We talked everything from her life growing up in the Soviet Union, her passion for music,her journey to the United States, and reconnecting with family.

How to write a perfect essay? We have an answer!

By time that you're finished along with your essay writing, you are going to likely be a winner. Here are a few things that you should always remember about essay writing. Be certain to start your letter from the first...

My Father: The Author

Zahra Ndirangu interviews her father, published author Ndirangu Githaiga, on his book that tells of the Kenyan experience. They delve into talks of race, literature, and representation.

FYS Interview about the theme of a workplace with Dr. Sarah Chavez by Jozlend Tucker

I interviewed Dr. Sarah for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno's book...

Genuine at Heart

Elizabeth is going to touch on memories from California and when she came to Utah. She is going to talk about how much she loves school and why she chose this specific job. I interviewed my college advisor and I...

Tony Turkey and Kathy Kranberry

Kathy from Colorado (my mom) goes to Oregon to visit her brother and meets Tony "McNally" at the contract dance. Love at first sight for one, a bit of caution from the other. A strong and growing love ensued and...

The Power of Family to an Uncle’s Identity- Alexander Tan

Alexander Tan, a student of Francis Lewis High School, interviews his uncle, Matthew Goldberg: a writer and a father. They talk about how family has shaped Matt’s identity and other topics such as politics and how having pets affects identity...

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Part two of interview for RRS 110

This was part two. We talked about sports and fitness but got side track on his passion which is writing. I ended up asking a bunch of questions about that because I got very interested in it.

Essential Advantages of Using PPC Advertising for Book

PPC ads, as among the most influential types of digital marketing, can support almost any kind of business. Besides, experienced marketing pioneers know that there are several advertising strategies, which help you to hit your intended audience at almost any...

Swift’s story on how writing and journalism has effected her life.

I interviewed Tami Swift about her timeline of life and back story about her inspirations and what has impacted her writing. Also how she had started writing columns for the inforum and what she writes about.

All About Books: Writing, Reading, and Publishing with Paul Bourgeois

Sarah interviews her grandfather, Paul, on his experience with books; reading, writing, and publishing, throughout his life.