My Experience as a Child inside WWII Germany

A German immigrant discusses his childhood in WWII Germany and his personal reckoning that Has resulted research and writing about German force labor camps.

Conversation with Lola Nena

A conversation with my Lola about life during WWII and her life in the Philippines

Coast Guard Storytelling with Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson, truly one of our greatest generation, discusses his career with the Coast Guard during World War II. He served at Garibaldi Oregon his entire enlistment where he met and married his wife. Pat expressed a special request that...

Susanna Houland and Maya Scott-Chung

Maya Elena Scott-Chung (45) and Susie Hoblet (47), parents at Kaiser Elementary School, discuss the myth of the Ozzie and Harriet “traditional family” and Suzy’s experience growing up in Italy, France and traveling worldwide; the struggles of the sandwich generation,...

From Nana to Amma

I interviewed my grandmother, Monelle Richmond on November 27, 2017; to find out about why her parents moved to America, and to discuss an experience of her mother's in France during WWII.


First interview while on car trip from Tyler TX to Beaumont TX, December 2018.

Addy and Grandma Kuper interview pt 3

We talk about where she lived, her first memories of my dad, her memories of WWII

Early Years Part 1

Mom shares her travels to get married because Dad could t get leave as planned.

Interview 3
February 27, 2018 App Interview

Japanese interment camp interview