Una vida mejor para su hija

Janeth Ponce se vino a los 19 años después de quedar embarazada de su hija para una nueva vida para ambas. Ahora es habla de su viaje y proceso migratorio y como llegó a ser ciudadana americana.

A conversation with my Dadun (grandmother) about her life

My Dadun, Tahera Begum (69) talks about her life -- being born in undivided Pakistan, married off at 15, becoming a mother at 16, and how she is doing now. The interview flips in the end where she starts asking...

Tabitha Martinez and Anastasia Beard

Mother Tabitha Martinez (49) and daughter Anastasia Beard (31) discuss art as connection, and how it has impacted their lives and family through the generations.

Nacy Jolley’s story

Life as a mother and wife at 19. Discusses difficulties of being a college student whilst handling 4 children.

Virginia Avery and Rohanna Erin

Colleagues Virginia Avery (44) and Rohanna Erin (36) reflect on their work with young mothers. Virginia shares how her experience as a young mother impacts her work and worldview.

Chineta Davis and Sara [No Name Given]

Chineta Lynn Stephens Davis (56) and Sara [No Name Given] (25) share a conversation about Chineta’s experience growing up, becoming a mother, and how she strives to create generational wealth and foster opportunities for her children. She also reflects on...

Jennifer Ramos-Chavez and Chelsie Evaldi

Friends Jennifer Ramos-Chavez (39) and Chelsie Evaldi (39) discuss growing up and raising families in El Paso, being first-generation Mexican-Americans, and the ways they have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals and give back to their community.