Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020

In this interview, I will be talkiNg and documenting my experience with Covid-19 as a teenager. I will share my opinion on important subject like school and the government handling of the pandemic.

University of Michigan, Fall 2022 Localization Seminar, All Hands Active Group Interview

As the world transitions away from cheap energy much of the physical and social infrastructure that is relied on will no longer exist, just by the fact that the resources to maintain a system this complex won't exist. This being...

Interviewing My Grandma 11/28/20

In this I interview my grandma, Teri Allan, and we talk about her life.

Life as a D1 Runner

Garrett talks about his running career and the things that have influenced him and kept him going over the years.

Dusty Matthews and author Mary Reynolds discuss living and writing in 2020.

Dusty Matthews (53) and Mary Reynolds (69) discuss living in 2020. Dusty works at the Leesburg (Florida) Public Library and Mary is an author. The library's annual Literary Arts Festival was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mary...

Meghan Flathers interviews Remmi Shaw

Two seniors at Wayland high school discuss their covid experience

The life of Kirsten Clymer

In this interview we touch base with Kirsten Clymer about how 2020 effected her life

My moms 2020 expired and more

My mother talking about how she's been with the pNdemuc, her moving from Israel to the unites states, and her message for the world.

Delamere Harris and Nyjiela Sirreayah´s Interview.

Delamere Harris: 2021-01-04 03:54:42 Delamere Harris (15) interviews his aunt, Nyjiela Sirreayah(35) about her thoughts and experiences in 2020.

12 Year Old’s Reflection on 2020 (part 1)

A 12 year old reflects on how the pandemic impacted his life, on New Year’s Eve as we say goodbye to 2020

Megan and Kaylee discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Megan and Kaylee discuss how people may need to be more prepared to handle the climate emergency. Megan explains how her friends who live in high risk areas have already been impacted and her ideas for improving our preparedness.

Sarah and Trevor discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Sarah, a public school teacher, discusses food preparation, her hometown, and plant-based diets.

Janet and Zoe discuss preparing for the climate emergency
March 13, 2020 App Interview

In this interview, Janet and I talk about her past experiences with climate change and how her past experiences have shaped how she is preparing for the climate emergency. We discuss what measures she has taken in the past, what...

Ellen and Ben discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Discussion about preparing a home for an emergency in the Midwest and things to think about when buying a home in relation to natural disasters.

Nicole Kardas and Sarah Roarty discuss local food

A discussion between two University of Michigan students regarding local food consumption in suburban and urban communities.

Thanksgiving Listen

Anthony Amoroso, an infectious disease doctor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, talks about the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and a little about himself.

Shannon and Emely discuss local food

Throughout this interview we discussed the different food options available between two places in Michigan (Ann Arbor and Southfield) and discussed the food availability between the two places. We also touched on the topic of consuming sustainable foods and how...

Billy and Chelsea discuss local food

Billy and I chatted about local food consumption and how relationships with food has changed over the years.

Meg and Prachiti discuss local food

Meg talked about how and when she was introduced to the importance of local food, and how she has maintained a relationship with it over the years. She also reminisced about fun memories from her childhood about her father having...