Jack Reid and his grandmother Leslie Wilhelm talk about her life in Laguna Niguel, California.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Laguna Niguel, California, Jack Reid (16) interviews his grandmother Leslie Wilhelm (79) about her life. Ms. Wilhelm provides stories about how she looks at life today and life in the past. She...

Take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you, and treasure every moment you have

In this interview conducted on December 1st 2019 in flushing queens, Lucas Moore interviews his father Robert Moore on his childhood. He explains his hardships that he faced in a poor family, and the things he never was able to...

A time to reminisce

This interview covers topics about traveling the world, life experiences, fond childhood memories, and emotions.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019
December 5, 2019 App Interview

We talked about parenting and what my mom’s life was like and what she learned from it.

Interview with Grandpa

Interview with my grandpa. We talked about his life and memory’s we’ve shared throughout

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with Mrs. Charlotte Holliday, the founder of the non-profit organization I am a part of.

Life in Mexico

Ericka Menchaca was born in Mexico where her she wasn’t able to enjoy most of her life. She decided to move to America for her daughters not knowing that one day they would go back to Mexico and so this...

Learning from my Mother

In this interview, I asked my mother a series of questions about herself. A recurring theme in this interview is exploring the importance and impact of family.

The Szul Family

In this interview, I had a long conversation with my mom on our family immigration from Poland. We talk about how she had to learn English, our polish heritage, and how our life is now.

Grandpa Alvin’s advice

I asked my grandpa the basic questions and got some great answers!

A Christmas Corps

Cousins Mary and Hayden Evans interview their grandmother Patsy while at their family Christmas party. Patsy offers charming tales and pragmatic life advice in her signature style.

My Dad take 2

Part 1/3. I ask my dad about his childhood, school, work and parental life. We talk about his experiences in life and with me and my brother.

Bob Logan, you are my role model

I wanted to have a conversation with my father-in-law to capture his perspective and his life lessons. And boy did he deliver!

Love Access

All smiles and laughter when remembering about each other's first meet and giving advice to the future generation about love.

Mary Jane Rodrigues and her granddaughter Izabella Rodrigues talk about family history and her childhood

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Izabella Rodrigues (15) interviews her grandmother Mary Jane Rodrigues (73) about their family history and her teenage life. Mrs. Rodrigues shares stories about her summers and her jobs as...


a brief conversation about my dad's childhood, parenthood, and some important advices in life.

A Message to Teens Growing Up Today.

Patricia Williams talks about her life at school, and at home. She gives advice to teens and shares her real life experiences which can help others.

Chatting with Big Sis

Little sister interviews older sister, Michelle Delmas. They discuss her childhood and funny memories. She speaks about the memories she has of their brother that they lost. The interview ends with Michelle giving her sister advice.

My mother
November 26, 2017 App Interview

We talked about the things about my mother’s past and the advice she would like to give me.