Interview with my partner in crime!

I interviewed my aunt Kelly! She has been a huge part of my life whether it is to give me advice or be there to listen. She is amazing and always has me laughing. I love talking to her so...

Toni’s childhood memories

Sabrina (9 years old) is interviewing her Aunt Toni (47 years old).

An Interview With Trish Holloway

Blake Holloway talks with his aunt, Trish Holloway, about her life growing up gay in a very conservative household and how it effected her life in the future.

“You might as well like me.”

My Aunt Hazel, 72 years old came to my house for a very interesting interview..

Brenda’s Childhood.

My aunt, Brenda grew up in Kellog Idaho with her parents and younger brother (my dad). She was born with Down Syndrome, yet has never missed an opportunity to live her life how she wanted to.

Melba Franklin (Aunt)

My aunt and I talked about her childhood and how it was like.

The Great Thanksgiving listen interview – Izabellah Deocampo p. 2

I will be interviewing my aunt since both my grandparents were out of town to do this interview.

The great thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my Tia Cristal. One reason why I interviewed my Tia is because she is very successful.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Mitch

People of the Rio Grande Valley: Mitch. Artist Mitch Darte and I talk about the loss of her Mother and how it propelled her into her flourishing career in painting. Mitch was a high school art teacher, and after losing...

About Yanil Smith

This interview was about my aunt, with whom I live with. I chose some of the juiciest questions and I learned a lot more about her.

From Colorado to LA

My name is Grace Schiff, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed my aunt, Melissa Malone, in Encino, California. She grew up in Colorado, but moved to Los Angeles because of her love for acting. In this interview she...

Ryan’s Interview With Aunt Stephanie
November 24, 2017 App Interview

Ryan interviewed his aunt, Aunt Stephanie. They talked about her life growing up, and what she learned from it.

Interview with Aunt Carla

Did a interview with my Aunt Carla during thanksgiving break

My interview with my grandma for my sophomore English final 2019

We mostly talked about her life and everything that happened to her and things that I didn’t know and also her kids and how proud of them she is

Taylor Rix & Ellen Rix

Today I talked with Ellen who is my grandmother. She talked to me about her life and how it was growing up for her and how she travelled around the world with her husband and how she had two children...

Ella Wesson interviews her Aunt

Ella Wesson asks Her aunt Ania Banner about her career as a teacher

1950’s Shenannigans and Gassy Aunts

Michael Davidson from Morton Grove, Illinois shares stories of his childhood and 16 funny Italian Aunts and Uncles.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Rafaela

Rafaela is a long time resident of North East Philadelphia and frequently attends art classes at Mural Arts Philadelphia Tacony. Rafaela speaks about her experiences being born in Philadelphia and partially being raised in South Korea and Philadelphia and then...