Thanksgiving Interview w/Dad

A Post Thanksgiving interview with my dad 2019

Keith DeMarco(Dad)

I sit down with my dad and ask him about life.

Interrogating my Dad about his Childhood

Talking to my dad about his childhood, through high school, and his fatherhood.


The questions that were asked in this interview were mostly about memories in life. Things that helped my dad grow into the man he is today.


Dad talks about his life experiences.

An interview with my dad

My dad shares one of his favorite memory of me

Interview with Dad – September 2019

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer in April 2019. We took a trip to NYC to check off items on his bucket list and knowing this is the last trip we would take, I wanted to...

My father

Just some interesting details about my dad

Patrick Mansfield and his father Bill talk about Bill’s greatest life experiences

Bill looks up to his father. He is great full for his wife and children. One of his favorite memories is meeting his wife.


My dad tells me moments of his life !

Biggest Influence

We discussed who and why Mike Derrick’s dad is his biggest influence.

My dad

I ask my dad a few questions and get an understanding of him as a parent

Interview with my dad Carlos

I sat down with my dad and asked him questions about his past and his memories.