Immigration interview

My journey from moving to the United States from Mexico. Here I explain my obstacles through my journey. How I felt mentally and how I feel as I am here living in the United States. I explain how I here...


Mom and I talk about growing up in India and Kuwait and what it was like to move to America


We discussed my mother’s experience about immigrating to the United States from Switzerland.

Interview with my Dad

Talk with my dad about life and his immigration to America

Great Thanksgiving Listen

In my listing interview I asked my interviewee question about their life.

how emigrant feel about USA

We talked about how USA changed from emigrants’ perspectives.

American Me

Milagros Garcia came to the United States in 1994. She had experience things like learning to accept the different lifestyle she had here in New York. Having a fun and playful childhood. Things that are happening now with our current...

Immigrating to America

My interview talking about my father moving to America in the 70s.

First Experience in the United States

My mom described her first experience living in the United States emigrating from the Philippines in comparison to her childhood there.

Leaving home

This is a quick story about my mother about the ups and downs from moving from Mumbai, India to Chicago, Illinois

Migration and Integration Into Germany – Joe Webb

I interview my grandfather on his migration to Germany from 1978 to 1984.

My story matters

I interviewed my friend about her experience coming to the United States.

Immigration with Hanna Sihvonen

An interview with my mother about her experience immigrating to the United States from Finland

SOWK 732

During this interview, Marilyn Rodriguez interviewed my grandfather to learn more about his story migrating to the US from Mexico.

Cassandra and Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan

Cassandra asks her father, Wenceslao "Benson" Galvan, a few questions about his experience as a Mexican immigrant in the U.S., some stories about her mother/his wife, and other such subjects about his life that she didn't completely know about before.


Starting from the beginning of their decisions of immigrating to the United States. Then concluding with their citizenship process and their lives in the U.S .

Immigration interview for Roby

This is an interview between my aunt who is from Russia about her experiences as an immigrant.

Getting to know Lorlly’s life

For this interview Lorlly Varela talks about her beliefs and life experiences, as well as , her challenges being an immigrant in Unites States.