Told about her parents and how her childhood was also explained some things about her marriage

Steven J Carnegie, one of the smartest and kindest people I know

My dad (Steven Carnegie), gives us an idea of what kind of person he is, and preeches to us the wisdom he has picked up on of the years


We talked about her life. Also her childhood and her life currently.

My mom

We just talked about feeling and when she was younger. We kind of got off track And started talking about her answers to the questions and why she answered them the way she did.

Katie and her father Chad talk about life and it’s ups and downs. Part 1.

In this interview, we talked about my dads service in the military, why some people should join, and the good about it. We also talked about life, marriage, and the miracle of birth. Lastly, we talked about everything to enjoy...

Raekae and Maria

We talked about Maria’s life from a child to now.

Interview with Grandma

My grandma talked about her childhood and progresses to talk a little bit about her life now. Some major components include her high school life, life in rural Sussex, NJ, and her relationship with my grandpa.

Interview with grandma

We talked about her life growing up and my father

Cailyn Stile interviews Ronald Baran about his Past Experiences

This interview was on November 22, 2018 and Grandpa explained to me about his past childhood and accomplishments throughout his life. He also explained about the time he met grandma and experience in the army.

Story corps project

Interviewing my grandpa from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Questions for grandma

This interview is about my grandmother and important aspects of her life

Donald and Nancy

interviewed my grandparents on my dads side Donald and Nancy

Moving to the homeland!

When I was 11 my mom made the executive decision to move to Dominican Republic and take me with her. This is the story of how we felt about it.

Ben and Jessica

Two married people just trying to pass on life and times to our future kids and generations.