A Conversation Between Sisters

This interview is private.

Joy Wang and Finley Li

Joy Wang (19) talks with her boyfriend, Finley Li (20) about how family environment affects on the children's growth.

Susan Martin and Lillian Bartlett

Susan Martin (62) interviews her mother, Lillian "Betty" Bartlett (92), and shares fond memories she has of living in a trailer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts as a child.

Jinhee Hann and Julia Hann

Sisters Jinhee Hann (48) and Julia Hann (50) center their conversation about formative experiences and memories that inform their respective parenting styles. The sisters also share how much they love their children and leave messages for their kids to hear...

Samantha D'Elia interviewing Christopher Loja

Samantha D'Elia (18) speaks with Christopher Loja (19) , who describes his experiences growing up with immigrant parents and how the values he learned from them motivate him in his adult life, and inspires him to work in the entertainment...

Louis Williams and Elaine Williams

Louis Williams (18) talks with his mother, Elaine Williams (51), about her teenage years and her life as a young adult.

Venus Mendoza and Simon Mendoza

Venus Mendoza (72) speaks with her grandson Simon Mendoza (18) about growing up in the Philippines, family stories, her education, the lasting imprints of the past, and the importance of traveling.

This is an interview with my uncle, Touraj Ardakani(This is the fixed version, the other one broke and i couldn't edit it.)

I'm talking with my 66 year old uncle who came to america at the age of 21 about his experience adjusting to life in America.

Mary Buckner Interview
February 5, 2020 App Interview

Mary Buckner talks of times gone by in Hot Springs North Carolina Biographical Sketch Full name: Mary Elizabeth Candler Buckner Husband: Noland Candler, born 1941 – died 1989 Birthday: 2-24-1946 Where were you born: Corner of Conway and Spring Street,...

Audio Recording of Significant Interview

Aidan Bank (14) talks with his mother, Elysa Jimenez (33) about her life being a young mother and how she overcame challenges.