growing up in the 50’s & 60’s

i talked to my grandmother (72 years old) about what her life was like growing up, and down memories she had from that time. and also about when she was a mother/wife

Getting to know Xiomara Amador

Before the interview I had no idea what my great grandmother lived through. She had many hardships but she evolved from them, with the help of her mother who was the most important person to her.

My mother

My mother tells me of her life and what she believes to be her purpose in it.

Thanksgiving with Crystal

crystal reminisces on her childhood and what made her how she is today.

Interview with my Mom

The interview was so hilarious and full of enjoyment! My Mom shared some some I never knew. The best part of the interview was when she told me that she was a cry baby when she went to school and...

Jill Rice

I interviewed my mother to ask her about her reflections of life and the lessons she has learned over the years. She has been a mother for 20 years and has been through a lot. I conducted this interview at...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Explained how she lived and what aspects affected her life and where she got today.

Interview with Brittany Jacobs about her son, Erik Jacobs Miles

Interview with Brittany Jacobs about her son, Erik Jacobs Miles

USEM homework
December 8, 2019 App Interview

Questions with my mom

Maria Rodriguez

My mother recounts memorable and important things about her life, as well as events and changes that have impacted her greatly

Samantha Dewig does interview with mother

I learned how my mother was as a child and the things she enjoyed doing and spending her time on. Also how her and my dad were and how they became married and eventually had children which completely changed their...

Just talking to mom December 2018

Mom and Mary share quality time together.

Lamia Sbihi Interview Nov 26, 2018

I, Marco Maccarrone, interviewed my mother Lamia Sbihi on November 26th.

My mother’s young adult life/education

My mother and I discuss how she was raised and what her outlook was on education growing up.


This interview is about my mother, Heidi Heinrichs

English Testimony Project
September 18, 2019 App Interview

I interview my mother for my testimony project.

PJ and Linda

Linda McGroom shares a story of care about her daughter and why her church is important to her.

Interview with my Ma

A talk about my mother’s life, and some deep questions that I wouldn’t normally ask her