Talking with my mom

Tonight I asked my mom if she would let me interview her for an English I have. I was pleasantly surprised to see how open she was about certain topics and I see her in a new light now.

The miracle of me

Tracey’s childhood dream was to always have a kid one day. This did not come so easy to her. She had many complications throughout her pregnancy and even lost her babies. But there was still hope for her in the...

Thanksgiving recording

This interview was about just the life of the mother and daughter relationship. Also having a strong relationship with the ones you love.

My Amazing Mom

A looks into a mother’s past and what her life was like, following up to the birth of her children and her life now. A great person who shows nothing but love and care towards the people she loves the...

My Mother -Longer-

Questions include childhood memories, family, growth, and what it means to be a mom.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom to talk about some of her favorite memory’s and advice she learn from people or wants to give people

Angela McGhee- Interview of my Grandma by RJ McGhee

Grandmother, Angela Mcghee, talks about her experiences as a mother.


A brief look into Alisias life.

Mom and I

Motherhood and what life lessons it brings

The great thanksgiving listen

My mom answers questions that I’ve never heard her answer before

I’ve had a really wonderful life

Ellen Apple talks about her 84 years full of family, love and growing up in a small town in Ohio in the 40s.

The great thanksgiving listen

My mother and I have a chat about our family history, her history, and her acomplishments.


Me and my mom talked about her as a person and who has been most influential in her life.

Interviewing my mom.

My mom & I talked about a few personal topics & I pretty much asked her about her life & what she’s proud of. Most of the questions are either about her or her opinions on me.

HFA Seminar Thanksgiving Interview

I interviewed my mother over this thanksgiving break home about her time growing up and what she hopes for my future.

English Project

This is an interview with my mother and questions about her life and how I have affected it. She did a great job and the answers surprised me.

My mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her about life and what has she done that has led up to this moment

The Thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my mother about her life on Thanksgiving

Interview with Grandma

We talked about her past life, her motherhood, and wedding with my grandpa.