Frances Long and Nelson Simon

storyteller worked near the Trade Center, was in shock, walked across Brooklyn Bridge

Clara Milliken, Danner Milliken, and Buddy Milliken

This interview is private.

Joy Wang and Finley Li

Joy Wang (19) talks with her boyfriend, Finley Li (20) about how family environment affects on the children's growth.

Felix interview on sports

I asked a number of question on sports in my uncles life, and how that sport(s) effected his life. He is a Salem MA high school hall of famer for baseball, so I asked him if he could've seen himself...

Finding Love

I met Barry around two years ago, but I was lucky to spend a lot of time playing corn hole with him over quarantine. Over that time I've gotten to know Barry a bit. He lives in the Bay Area...

Growing up as Americans of Indian descent and the impact of a Competetive High School

This interview was between myself, Charvi (18F), and my boyfriend, Rishi Salwi (18M). We discussed what it is like to grow up in America as Indian people and talked about how High Tech has shaped our lives.