FYS Keith

I talked about my high school experience. I talked about I went to a non traditional high school and some of the experiences I had.

Interview #2

Childhood memories/ life actions

Interview Assignment (RMC)

Parker and I discusssed growing up, family, and school.


Talked bout Conley life and what he does during school and plans after school

Seniors: Lessons Learned

Interviewed Keely About High School Experiences

Shaythen the third

We talked about one of my great friends childhood and beyond on how he lived his lifestyle

Racial discrimination against Spanish speakers in schools.

We talked about how Brenda Ledezma suffered discrimination in a school setting. She talked about her experiences.

Mom interview

Today I interviewed my mom. I thought I wasn’t going to have much to ask but I actually had a good time and learned a little more about her!

High school

We talked about her high school experience. What she did and didn’t regret and how she got through it all.

There is more than just a librarian

I️ ask my school libarian some personal questions in order to better understand her life

Sunflower Gal

Lydia Dove, a shy teenager, gets nominated for her schools dance. She has trouble attending as she has made other commitments that same night. All is solved as simple actions unfold.

Rollercoaster Love

Kendall is a young high school girl who is in a toxic relationship with Kevin. One day while at her job at Knott’s Berry farm she meets this guy named Luke and they hit it off. Throughout the story Kendall...

Thanksgiving interview

Questions for my grandma from the.past that a wanted to know.


Interviewing 60 year old Randy about his life in OSU, life growing up, parents, friends and more (part 1)


Talked about how he grew up & his influences