Jeffrey Mao's Interview With His Grandpa

Jeffrey Mao talks with his 82 year old Grandpa about his early childhood growing up in China, his college years, his family history, and how he eventually met his wife, my grandma.

Getting to know Levy
February 20, 2020 App Interview

Getting to learn about Levy and his childhood.


An interview with my mom mainly based on her childhood and life lessons.

The Cold War

My grandfather talks about personal experiences in his life starting during WWll and ending around The Cold War.

My Mother

Talking about the childhood of my mother and what she thinks she’ll do in the future.

Ponderings with Pops

Me and my grandfather sat down to talk about his past and how he grew up. We talked about his education and how he met my grandmother, and how the conversation ended was how he would like to be remembered.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

This summary is about the lessons my step dad has learned in life and what experiences shaped who he is.

"I guess that built into me a long term objective is to make as much of the abilities that I may have been given."

Weston Slavich (16) interviews his grandfather Michael Slavich (78) about how his parents and upbringing shaped him into who he is. This interview takes place on December 17th, 2019 over the phone in California.

Mima’s Childhood

Azima talks about her childhood, her grandmother, her early years of marriage, and her relationship with her parents over the years.

My Dad’s Childhood in the Philippines

In my family, Sunday mornings are time when my Dad will tell us stories from his childhood and stories about his big family. This is a very formal version of those Sunday morning conversations.

My Time at the NYCB

I interviewed my mother about her feelings on my past when I was apart of the New York City Ballet.

Getting to know my dad

I interview my dad about his childhood and about what it was like for him during my childhood.

Early Life and Being an Only Child

I talked to my roomate about how he grew up and how that shaped his life

Interview with Bryan E Brown.

We briefly talked about my dad’s childhood and experiences growing up. I learned about my grandpa, grandpa Brown, that I never got the chance to meet. Also, we talked about great grandpa Brown and his war experience. We closed by...

Chuck Cooper talks about stories from his childhood and advice he would give his younger self.

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Katie Cooper (17) interviews her dad Chuck Cooper (46) about his childhood and some of his favorite things. Chuck shared stories from when he was young and advice he...

Talk with Dad

Mostly we talked about my fathers childhood and who some important people were for him in those years.

Ethan childhood story

A funny story from Ethan's childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

We talked about her childhood memories and life experiences.

Grandma Alice Interview

Talks about childhood. Shares good memories

Christina’s interview 11/25/2019

I ask Christina, about her childhood, her struggles, and our friendship.

Best Friend Troubles

On December 1st 2019, Yongjun Yang interviewed Zoe Schwartz, his cousin. She tells about troubles with her friends and family. She also talks about her experiences and how she dealt with her problems.