Cole Katz and Einat Peled Katz.
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Einat Peled Katz talks with her son about growing up in Isreal in the 80s and 90s and the struggles that came with that.

Andrew Krapivin and Vyacheslav Krapivin

Andrew Krapivin (18) talks with his grandfather (78) about his life experiences growing up and living in the USSR and after.

Interview with Allene Stahl of Fresh Springs

This interview is part was done by Boy Scouts from Troop 386, Edmond as part of the Eagle Scout Project of Alexander Fryer. The purpose of this project was to help seniors record stories of their life. One goal of...

Mary Buckner Interview
February 5, 2020 App Interview

Mary Buckner talks of times gone by in Hot Springs North Carolina Biographical Sketch Full name: Mary Elizabeth Candler Buckner Husband: Noland Candler, born 1941 – died 1989 Birthday: 2-24-1946 Where were you born: Corner of Conway and Spring Street,...

Troy Naulty and Patricia Naulty Thanksgiving Listen

Troy Naulty (12) talks with his grandmother, Patricia Naulty (80) about the stages over her life from when she was a child, to right now in the pandemic: 2020-12-29 23:37:19

1700 Miles from Home

Lisa Pfeffer talks about her life growing up on Long Island in an Italian-American family. She discusses being moved to Texas at 12 years old, and facing prejudices for being different. She reflects on her childhood 1700 miles away from...

Jessica Potter-Bowers and Dan Potter, on Loving Unconditionally

Jessica Potter-Bowers (36), talks with her father, Dan Potter (71), about how their family struggled through her mom's brain surgery and subsequent recovery, and what it taught them.