Labeeb awan

Labeeb Awan(16) talks to his friend Dillon Rosado(16) about his experience with the global pandemic, Covid-19.

The Effect of Media on People during the Pandemic, speaking with a Psychotherapist

Today, I got the chance to speak with my aunt, Dr. Karen Kaiser, a psychotherapist of 34 years about the effects media has on people in general and especially during a pandemic. She gives advice on how to keep your...

Interview With my Father: Life Lessons from Growing up in India and Moving to the United States

In this interview I ask my dad questions about his childhood, from his hometown, to college, and even moving to the US to continue his education and eventually settle down. I get to ask him questions which I never previously...

Margenne Drain, Ben Drain, and Susan Bowser talk in 2014. Clip 1of 6.

On Margenne Drain's 95th birthday, Ben and Susan sit down to talk with Margenne about her life. Due to maximum interview lengths, the interview is in six parts. This is clip 1 of 6.

James Schagrin and Nolan Anderson

James Schagrin: 2020-12-05 College athletes and payment

Lisa Evans and Victoria Summers

Lisa Evans: 2020-10-23 Lisa interviews Victoria about raising her children on the east coast having been raised in the midwest herself. What does it take to pick up your life and make a big move?

Leah Rose Interview 10/28/2020

Leah Rose interviewed by Michelle Lindsay. Leah Rose is questioned about life, the universe and everything.

Josh Griech And Brandon Matasich talk about life.

Josh Griech: 2020-11-29 22:28:26 Josh and Brandon talk about life.

Mi intrevista con mi Pador Amador Reyes

I love my grandpa I asked him a few personal questions lol anyway we all did a very good job so yay that was are interview and thanks to my translator Gabriela and also also my aunt

Teaching in the COVID-19 Pandemic

A teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania details his experience during the Covid-19 out break.

Immigration: Indonesia to the United States

My father and I discuss his experience in moving from Indonesia to America alone to find a better education as an ethnically Chinese individual during the 1960s, a time with an anti-Chinese Indonesian government.

Living in the Moment

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen, Timothy Chancey, an Egg Harbor Township High school student, interviews Angelina Gorobchenko, his sister, about her life growing up and the life she is living now. She expresses her feelings of traveling from Russia to...

Adeline Winter with Richard and Terry Winter

Adeline Winter (9) interviews her paternal grandparents (73 and 71): 2020-11-27

Craig Umscheid and Michael Wong Interview Each Other for the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy

Craig Umscheid (46) and Michael Wong (55) interview each other as colleagues in the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy. They discuss how they chose a career in medicine, how the events of 2020 have changed their worldviews, what the future holds,...

Equitable Dinners Stories! La Donna Williams

La Donna Williams is a Native ATLien, ordained minister, womanist, theatre artist, and lover of the arts. She’s one of the valued facilitators at Equitable Dinners. Here she talks about her experience switching from a white school system to a...

We Are All One Body

Somayeh Eftekhari is an Iranian-born woman currently working in New York. She describes her experience growing up, her struggles with coming to America, and what she wishes Americans could understand about Iran.

My Father's Reflections on Life, Society, and My Family

We discussed our history, his history, and his perceptions of the world as a whole and how it has changed during his lifetime. We also looked to the future’s impending problems and their potential solutions.

Josh Pontefract and Priscilla Braun

Priscilla Braun (80) talks with her grandson, Josh Pontefract (13) about what it was like being the first in her family to go to college, and what it was like growing up in Nebraska during WWII.

Brandon Vasquez and Yvette Vasquez

Brandon Vasquez (21) talks with his older sister, Yvette Vasquez (28), about their overall school experiences and compare that experience with one another.

Garett Knight with his boyfriend Trenton Buckelew

Garett Knight (16) talks with his boyfriend Trenton "Trent" Buckelew (17) and learns more about Trent. Garett learns more about Trent than he thought he would. Best time segment: 0:30-3:30