Grandma Martha

Here is the interview I conducted way back in the eighth grade with Grandma Martha.

Maya's Thanksgiving 2015 Storycorps interview, Grandma Rosemary

Maya interviewed her two grandmas at Thanksgiving 2015. They were both so happy to be interviewed, and Maya was a natural (please continue, Maya). This interview is with Grandma Rosemary.

Ellen and Ronald Osborne akaNana and Papa 11/26/16 at the home of Ron and Elizabeth Osborne
November 27, 2016 App Interview

Ronald and Ellen's grandchildren interview them about what was life like growing up and life lessons.

Cassidy Meadors and Andrew Wade

Cassidy Meadors (18) talks with her former youth pastor, Andrew Wade (31) about what makes a good and happy life.

Kaya Ilas and Kashmir Blake

Student Kaya Ilas speaks with teacher Kashmir Blake about how dance has followed her throuhout her life and shaped her into the person and teacher that she is today.

Holland Forsythe and Michael Farmer

Holland Forsythe (19) catches up with her friend, Michael Farmer (19) about what it's like to attend film school in Los Angeles. The two also discuss Michael's outlandish trip to a remote farm in Colorado.

The Stories of My Closest Friends

This interview contains the questions regarding parts of a couple of close friends of mine's stories. I ask questions regarding major points in their lives and how they overcame them to be better people.

Zachary Walker and John Walker

Zachary Walker: 2020-05-12 18:22:30 Talked about life back when he was beginning college and his childhood in Peoria, Ill.

Sarah Louie interviews Dr. Stephanie Chan on COVID

In this interview Sarah Louie interviews Dr. Stephanie Chan about how COVID has affected her job as a doctor.

William Wu and Xiaotao Wu

Xiaotao Wu (48) talks to his son, William Wu (18), about college and education in China vs America in the context of computer science, the difference in the 70s generation and millennials, and the 2003 SARS Outbreak vs COVID-19.

Richard Denbeau and Roxy Konnoff

Richard Denbeau (76) talks with his grandchild Roxy Konnoff (9) about his parents and childhood in Iowa.

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Kenneth Swanberg

Kenneth Swanberg, a science teacher at Cheverus High School, is interviewed by one of his students, Tyson Matthews, on his experiences and life lessons.

Kea and Fabi Corso

Kea Corso (15) talks with her sister Fabi Corso (14) about her life during COVID-19.

Interviewing Yuto about his personality change after leaving Japan

Yuto Yamada(20) interviewed by Maya Bolling (20) about growing up in Japan, and how his personality changed after experiencing foreign culture, and how he is handling being abroad during the pandemic. The two met when Yuto returned from America while...

A New Life In a New Place

Quyen is a Vietnamese immigrant who came to America while escaping Communism in his 30s, and like all immigrants, tried to adjust to his new life in an entirely different country.

Covid Interview

Ethan Rex (16) talks to David Rotenberg (53) about the effects of covid-19.

StoryCorps DIY Project Interview with My 91-Year-Old Grandpa

I, Sam Anderson interviewed my 91-year-old grandpa about his childhood, time in the Navy during the Korean War, and raising a family in the 60s.

Li Fjersted and Rowena Richardson

Li Fjersted talks with her friend, Rowena Richardson about various interesting times in her life.

How Gloria Johnson Was Sustained by a Legacy of Love while Growing Up in a Segregated Community

Gloria Johnson (72) speaks with her friend, Corianna Moffatt (33), about what it was like growing up on Viser Street in Camden, Arkansas, and having to endure segregation and masked racism.

The American Dream with Julian King

Griffin King (17) talks with his Jamaican Father (52) about his experience with the American Dream.

Adam Cico Hampton NH COVID Experiences Interview with Megan Cico

Adam Cico: 2021-06-07 21:52:46 Adam (age 17) talks to his sister Megan (age 23) about their experiences in COVID and compare and contrast how they were both affected by the events happening around them.

On Being Native in the Modern World

I have a discussion with my close friend, Galydia Black, about growing up in a Native family and the difficulties, struggles, and beauty that come from the Ponca heritage. We also talk about struggles Native Americans still face in society...