Granville Hutton Jr. interview his father Granville Hutton Sr. in 1962.

Granville Sr. describes from his early memory of leaving Kansas as a boy and settling in Eastern Colorado. His family, farming as a boy and family man, the old home place, death of his two younger brothers, hauling grain to...

Raymond "Remo" D'Alessandro, 100YO WWII veteran military and life story read by his grandson, Jason Blundell, an Air Force veteran.

Ray D'Alessandro was born in Italy, immigrated to the US, enlisted in the US Army to serve his new country. Ray fought across north Africa, Italy, France and Germany. Ray was set to be recognized by Junior ROTC cadets at...

Griswold Project On Resilience: Giving Makes Life Worth Living

Sandra Ann Nolfo, president of the Friends of the Bigelow Senior Center in Fairfield, shares her battles with two timely topics we are now wrestling with as a nation: prejudice and the coronavirus. Listen for tips on how to build...

Chase Wakelin and Anita Arms, an American Perspective on the War in Ukraine

Chase Wakelin interviews his great aunt Anita Arms. They talk not only about her military service but how that service has effected her stance and view on the current war in Ukraine.

Lisa and Sydney Scherer-Birthday thoughts During Covid-19

Lisa Scherer (47) talks with her daughter Sydney (15) as she has to celebrate her 15th birthday today in the unusual circumstances of our world today during the Pandemic of Covid-19.

Alessandra Woo and Rachel Skerritt

Alessandra Woo ('25), an eighth grader at The Boston Latin School, talks with Rachel Skerritt ('95), the head of school, about what it is like to be leading the oldest public school in the nation through 2020.

“I just wanted to be happy and have a family of my own”

Emma Lynch(16) interviews her mom, Ella(57) about her childhood and current life. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 in Ella’s bedroom in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They talk about religion, moving from the city to the...

Stephanie and Elizabeth

Stephanie Gonzalez: 2020-12-18 18:51:09 Stephanie (14) interviews Elizabeth(14) (her best friend ) about 2020.

Mattie Dunlap and Don DeWitt

Don DeWitt (78) talks to his granddaughter, Mattie Dunlap (15), about his life, growing up, and important life lessons to remember.

Cassidy Meadors and Andrew Wade

Cassidy Meadors (18) talks with her former youth pastor, Andrew Wade (31) about what makes a good and happy life.

Clara Walsh

Clara Walsh: 2021-04-27 17:22:55 Interview about a story of my life(Clara Walsh) during COVID-19

An interview between close friends.

An interview about the important parts of a friend's life, and the effect that Covid has had on them. 2021-08-17 19:17:23

Susan Dakorson Addresses The Sad Fact of What It's Like For A Young African American Girl Dealing With The Ideal Hair Standard In America.

I interviewed 21-year-old Susan Dakorson who also goes by Susie, a close friend of mine, of what it was like growing up in America dealing with and breaking the ideal Hair standard in American society for African American women. Susie...

The San Francisco Love Story

Marian Howard(86) talks with her granddaughter, Nina Howard(15) about her marraige and relationship with Bill Howard. She shares the story of their union, the importance of their marriage, and a lesson for the youth.