Eliza Maglari and Dr. Panayiotis Siaperas discuss Occupational Therapy as an agent of change on August 15, 2019.

In this motivating interview, Dr. Siaperas describes his lived experience as an agent of change in the occupational therapy profession as well as the meaningful career and life that occupational therapy has afforded. Dr. Siaperas, PhD, CPsycholAFBPsS is the Head...

Are You Looking For The Best Assignment Writing Service

A creative hub of the most professional and competent tutorial writers, researchers and consultants to ensure you shine in your Academic career Our crew of expert writers and consultants are committed to providing our valued customers with pinnacle great educational...

Technology Era

Interview with Aaron Kirkendoll about the Tech era

Tricks to Avoid Stress before An Exam

When the date of the exam that so frightens us approaches, it is not uncommon for some sensations such as stress or anxiety to take over our minds. To avoid that the nervousness generated by the fear of the examination...

One Small Step: Julia

Recorded at the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival on 4/28/19 with the One Small Step question set.

Significance of Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development

From this interview, you'll find out how important mobile applications are for business. Nowadays more than half of customers use a smartphone to find or purchase a product. The number of people accessing eCommerce websites on their mobile devices has...

Asuka has expressed individuality with different hair cuts and hair styles to reject societal standards.

A Japanese American artist and teacher, Asuka tells about how her has expressed different aspects of her identity over the years, her relationships with her mother and grandma, and where she found her braided hair style.

William Garvin – On family life in Cheyenne.

This is an interview about marrying your high school sweetheart, having children, owning a store and being comfortable.

The Moving Train

This is an interview for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018. Myself, Alia Yannone, interview my grandmother, Judy Smith in Brigantine, New Jersey on November 22, 2018. We discuss how my grandma grew up and what she has experienced over her...

Interview with Ma part 2

Part 2 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

Usual freshman year mistakes and tips to prevent them

Every student has felt enthusiastic and all geared up to join college. It is undoubtedly the best time of life and is a lot of fun yet intriguing. Although you might be excited and eager to be part of one...

My Mom’s view on Love and Relationships

I questioned both my Mom and Dad on how they met and their marriage. I followed up with questions about my brother and I, plus life in general.

I interview my aunt and learn a lot about her childhood and her life growing up.

My aunt has a lot of experiences i never knew about. She worked and went to a catholic school. She saved her money and spent it precisely as a child. She started buying bonds when she was young.

David and Bonnie Parker talk about their life together

David and Bonnie Parker talk about their life together. They recorded this on October 26, 2018 at their home in Lebanon, Ohio.

How Being Curious Can Lead You To Find You with Justin Platt and Danny Pinter

Throughout Richard Wright's novel, Black Boy, Richard is often curious. Through curiosity Richard finds something he's passionate about, reading. In this interview I ask my brother Justin Platt and my friend Danny Pinter about what passions they've discovered about themselves...

Timber Wood Supplier Vietnam

Cameroon Timber Export, a Douala Cameroon based timber company, is one of the top suppliers of African wood logs and timber species in the world. Providing services in a number of countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Cameroon...

Her Disappearances Led to Her Overdose!

Carson: Hi Im Carson Shultz doing my uh storycorps project. Im talking to Brendan Burns about his cousin. Who is it in relation to you that you've lost to drugs? Brendan: Uh it was my cousin Marissa. Carson: Was it...