Interview With My Dad About Climate Change

This is an interview with my dad about climate change.

Lit Life: Nathan and Mary Kim talk about The Great Gatsby

In this recording, brother and sister discuss about F. Scott Fitzgerald's book and some of the lessons or messages he is trying to convey through this novel.

My mom and I talk about her life growing up as a mixed Filipina Caucasion child.

This interview is about my mom and I, and how she grew up as a mixed caucasion filipina in a prodomitaley white neighborhood and how that has affected her back then as well as today.

Life Lessons with my Godfather

An interview between Godfather and Godson discussing the desire to move forward and change in life.

"We were very well off, and then suddenly, we were told to leave…so we had to come…there was no home, no money, nothing to eat"
February 8, 2020 App Interview

Bimla and Naraindas Pherwani had a comfortable life in Sindh, in present-day Pakistan. But suddenly, after the partition of India, when they were just children, they were forced to leave their home and go to India. Arriving with nothing but...


This is Owusu Slater's story of when he grew up in the Caribbean and his family upbringings. Owusu has been Pearls of Wisdom member for so many years. The Pearls of Wisdom is DOROT's cherished touring ensemble of elderly storytellers....

Me and my mom

In this interview I talk with my mom about her life and her growing up to meeting my dad and my birth mom me.

Mom’s Advice on Living Life to the Fullest

Mom talks about her life, the friends she made, the lessons she learned, and how to make the most out of life.

Determination is Key to Success

Kate Canela, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews her mother, Lissette Rodriguez about her childhood in Dominican Republic and her biggest influences in life. She recalls having a happy childhood, despite having lost her father at a...

Cricut Design Space Not Working ? 18556070306 Call

Configuration Space is a buddy application that works with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore family brilliant cutting machines. Viable with work area, portable PC tablets and telephones, this online program permits you to peruse great many pictures, prepared to-make tasks,...

"Strive to be the best"

Hi my name is Kyleigh Oberman, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School. I interviewed my mom who grew up in Egg Harbor Township her entire life. My mom is a hardworking person and strives to be the best...

Devin Lewis & Esther Robles

Devin Lewis: 2020-12-01 00:38:46 Esther (72) talks about her life.

Relationship Interview

To complete the exercise in listening, I interviewed my boyfriend. The exercise in listening really helped me to understand my boyfriend, as I was able to acquire an in-depth perspective of how he is growing as a person, and within...

Untitled Interview

This interview all about the famous online leather jacket store name getmyleather.

Barriers to Voting: Cultural Values

In this podcast, we discussed culture and cultural values and the role it plays in voting, politics, and the world.

Parenthetical Importance – A discussion

An interview between myself and my father Vlad that explores my upbringing, his ways of life, and how a family operating in unison can take a turn at any moment.

My Vietnamese friend’s school of life between Vietnam and the U.S.

That’s my friend’s school of life between Vietnam and the U.S. I was asking him about his feeling and thinking.

Cindy Chester/ kasyn/ macy

Cindy Chester: 2020-05-01 13:09:23 kasyn (6), maci (4)

Life is what you make of it

My mother and I have a short talk. We discuss her driving ideologies and the events in her life that resulted in them. We talk about many things, including gratitude, the meaning of family, and the importance of home to...