Wilma talks to her granddaughter about catholic school, growing up around the block, and meeting her husband.

Wilma and her granddaughter Amy discuss her journey to the United States, growing up in catholic school, meeting her husband at 15, and family life.

Jackie Lujan and Yolanda Avila

Yolanda Avila (67) sits down with her friend and mentee, Jackie Lujan (34), to talk about their shared community, the Southeast district of Colorado Springs. They discuss how Jackie was able to start a daycare business in the community and...

Fanny Guadalupe Blauer and Barbara Andrade

Fanny Guadalupe Blauer (48) habla con su amiga Barbara Andrade (82) sobre el poder de su nombre, y las historias que lleva. [Fanny Guadalupe Blauer (48) speaks with friend Barbara Andrade (82) about the power of her name, and the...

WWCC Conversaciones Culturales Andrew Arias, Cledia Arias, and Charlie Arias

Andrew Arias: 2021-06-07 01:16:16 Andrew Arias (20) talks with his grandmother, Cledia Arias (80) and his father Charlie Arias (55) about their experience immigrating from Chile to the United States.

Interviewing Alicia pichardo my the great thanksgiving

Today I am going to interview my mom about her life and what she likes! The questions I am going to ask her are in English and she is going to answer in Spanish.

Aracely Esquivel Noriega and Jesus Noriega Esquivel

Aracely Esquivel Noriega (51) habla con su hijo Jesus Gerardo Noriega Esquivel (21) sobre Mexico, sus cuatro hijos, y la vida en Colorado. (Aracely Esquivel Noriega (51) talks with her son Jesus Gerardo Noriega Esquivel (21) about Mexico, her 4...

My Father: Feliciano Cornejo

Jessica Cornejo (24) talks to her father, Feliciano Cornejo (51) about his immigration story and his experience living in the United States.

Elena Ferreira's life in Mexico and what led her to the United States.

I interview my grandmother about her life in Mexico and what influenced her in emigrating to America, as well as how she got here.

Three short Interviews with founders of Waldorf Schools in Mexico: Inlakesh, Ak Lu’um, and Aguascalientes Waldorf Schools

During the regional delegates meeting for Waldorf schools located in the fondly named region of TexMexCanSoRock (Texas, Mexico, Canada and the Southwest Rockies), three short interviews were recorded asking the question to three Waldorf school founders there, "What were the...

Generational Differences- Vanessa Muniz Interview w/ María Álvarez
December 5, 2022 App Interview

Interviewing my mother, Maria Alvarez, on her upbringing and it’s similarities/differences with my upbringing. Questions asked: -where did you grow up •religion •structure -coming to the US •differences •having children & teachings •religion -best accomplishments

Rachel Delgado and Cynthia Rodriguez-Martinez

Friends and colleagues Rachel Delgado (73) and Cynthia "Cindy" Rodriguez-Martinez (70) talk about Seniors In Play, storytelling, their passions, their upbringings, and their childhood memories in San Antonio, Texas.

Richard Flores (94) and granddaughter Erica Flores (43)

Richard talks about growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American in the Northside of Fort Worth during the Great Depression, working as a pressman, his time in the Korean war, his parents fleeing the Mexican revolution, and his hopes for his...

La historia de Ahmed Rodríguez, un refugiado cubano que vive su sueño americano.

Esta es la historia de mi amigo de once años Ahmed Rodríguez. Ahmed nos cuenta sobre su cultura y todas dificultades que vivió en Cuba. Finalmente llega a los Estados Unidos como refugiado después de años y varios intentos fallidos...

Interview a Family (new)

A interviews about the food journey of my mother.

Axell Caceres interviews Orlando Caceres (father)

During this interview, conducted on October 1st of 2018 in Bronx, New York. Axell Caceres interviews his father Orlando Caceres about his life and experiences. Orlando Caceres includes stories of moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic. All...

Elena Varela, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela, and Irma Varela

Hermanas Elena Martha Varela (61) y Irma Varela (59) entrevistan a su mamá, Maria Guadalupe Rico-Varela (90), sobre las decisiones que hizo en criar a sus hijas empoderadas a seguir la educación en los tiempos cuando no se acostumbraba a...

Victoria Torres Garcia and Lucia [No apellido dado]

Victoria Torres Garcia (24) tiene una conversación con su colega Lucia [No apellido dado] (35) sobre el tema del derecho al aborto y los estigmas dentro de la comunidad Latina. Victoria también comparte su propia experiencia con el aborto, y...

Una Vida Nueva, La historia de Elvia

Esta es la historia de mi mamá Elvia. Ella inmigró de Viborillas de Hidalgo, Puebla, México para llegar a EEUU para tener un futuro más mejor.

Kimberly Espinosa interviews Ofelia Zavaleta

Ofelia was born in Puebla, Mexico. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1991 to join her father, and has been living in Los Angeles for over 17 years. She currently lives in Boyle Heights with her husband, daughter, and several...

APB – Andrea Chavez's interview with Isabel Hernandez

Andrea Chavez (17) talks with their mother, Isabel Hernandez (44) about her childhood in Mexico and her future hopes for her children. A little bit of everything.

Damellys Sacriste and Guillermo Sacriste

Siblings Damellys Sacriste (50) and Guillermo Sacriste [no age given] share the same father, William Jose Sacriste Diaz. In this conversation they discuss what it was like for each of them growing up, their views on family, and their hopes...