Neptaly and Armando talk about the past and today “how were your parents like?”

In my intwerview with my dad I talk to him about his past and today. I ask him a few questions about him and how his parents were. I ask him about my sisters when we were little and ask...

Parent Interview

Questioned my grandfather on thoughts of education and my future.

El Abuelo Con Cabello Blanco

In this interview conducted, In April 2018 In Santa Ana California, Perla Lozano interviews her grandfather Jose Rocha. My grandpa and I talked about how he felt when I was born since I was his very first granddaughter, how his...

“I’m alone now but I still have you”

Interviewing my grandmother about her life, love life, immigration stories and how her home country was, as we speak in spanish, her native tongue.

Interview project Honors

We recorded this on September 26, 2018 in The Bronx, New York. My grandpa is an immigrant from Mexico who came to The United States in search of a better life for his family back home. I am grateful to...

Interview with Kenya Campos: An Undocumented Mother of Three

In this interview I talk with Kenya Campos, a family friend, about her childhood in Mexico, her journey to the United States, the struggles her family has faced in regards to their current immigration status and her fears as wells...

Yomari Cruz and Rebecca Sumner Burgos

Yomari Cruz (42) es entrevistada por Rebecca Sumner Burgos (48), coordinadora de enlaces comunitarios en La Casa Norte donde ella recibe asistencia de alimentos. Yomari habla de su rol como madre de un hijo con autismo, las adversidades que ha...

A Couple Of Minutes With My Mom "your childhood was stolen from you"

My moms troubled past is briefly touched upon as we discuss differences between our childhoods, and my moms difference between her parents.

Vincente Pulupa, Ellen Pulupa, and Catherine Pulupa

Vincente Pulupa (94) habla con su nuera Ellen Pulupa (60) y su nieta Catherine Pulupa (31) sobre su carrera como chófer en los Estados Unidos. Él manejaba para mucha gente importante, incluso políticos de Suramérica. Vincente habla de sus esperanzas...

Deported: An American Division

Lourdes Salazar Bautista was deported from Ann Arbor, Michigan after living in the United States for 20 years. Her husband was deported 10 years prior. Bautista's two younger children (now 14 and 16) accompanied her to Mexico, reuniting with her...

Joannette Rivera and her mother Carmen Gonzalez talk about her mother’s thoughts on having a kid for the first time.

In this interview, conducted on November 6, 2017, in Kissimmee, Florida, Joannette Rivera (18) interviews her mother Carmen Gonzalez (40) about her thoughts on becoming a mother for the first time. Carmen answers questions on when she first finds out...

Interviewing Alicia pichardo my the great thanksgiving

Today I am going to interview my mom about her life and what she likes! The questions I am going to ask her are in English and she is going to answer in Spanish.

Somos Hermanas–Michelle and Natalie Fullenkamp

Natalie discusses learning Spanish and what she and Michelle were like as children. Natalie habla sobre aprender español y cómo eran ella y Michelle cuando eran niñas.Jac

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Anonymous 17 Choreographer and Dancer

Anonymous 17 talks about growing up in Mexico until her early teens when her family relocates to the United States. Living many years as a permanent resident, in recent years she has obtained United States citizenship. Anon 17 speaks about...

Immigration Stories Italy: Osmil

Osmil is a recent immigrant to Italy from Guatanamo, Cuba having only arrived 7 months ago. Osmil is in the country on a visiting visa living with his sister in Piotello, a town on the outskirts of Milan. Osmil has...

Cynthia Montes and Inocencia Plascencia

Cynthia Montes (35) y su madre Inocencia "Ino" Mercado (54) hablan sobre su relación como madre y hija, el orgullo que Ino siente para Cynthia y sus otras hermanas, la fuerza que Ino ya ve que tiene dentro de sí...

The Importance of Family and Religion

In this interview for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen, Jennifer Barralaga interviewed her mother, Maura Martinez asking about her life before moving to the United States, and the importance of religion to her. Maura explained that the country she grew...

Interview con mi Ita

Interview with my grandma aka 'Ita'. She has an incredible story about perseverance and sacrifice to fulfill her childhood dream which was to make a life for herself in America.

Enrique Alvarez and Vanessa Alvarez

Vanessa (36) brought in her father, Enrique (69) to talk about how emigrating to the United States and how his life in America is different.

Virginia Carlsen and Erika Carlsen

Virginia Carlsen, 51, interviewed by her daughter Erika Carlsen, 24. Viriginia talks about growing up in a working class Mexican family in Chicago and the struggles they faced there, the experience moving to all-white Utah with her family at 18,...

Edgar Contreras and his father Jose talk about his father’s story

In this interview done with Edgar Contreras (16) and his father Jose (46), they talk about the father's childhood growing up and who were his main influences in his life so far. They also talked over how Jose has came...