Maria and her opinions

She talks about her family and her values that have brought her to where she is today.


Me and my Tia talked about the unfair government in Nicaragua

APB Family Interview

This interview describes some of my parents experiences about how they are affected about things in the U.S. including the politics and the transition from moving here.

APB Family Interview

Do you consider yourself political in anyway. It also speaks about were the person was born. Where he grew up and about some of the persons values such as hardworking a great listener and more. It talks about political ideology.

Interview #APB

I did an interview with my sister about her newborn.


me and my mom going into this conversation blind while discussing our family's historical experiences with immigration, bonds and overall life subjects (EDIT THE ORIGINAL FROZE SO WE IMPROVISED)

APB Stephanie and Adelso Baten

Stephanie Baten: 2021-11-30 05:17:14 Stephanie Baten interviews father Adelso Baten about his childhood in Guatemala. He also shares some of his favorite memories as a father, along with some special words to be remembered by.

Family Interview

This interview was about knowing more of my family and my sister.

Gloria Raygoza and Laura Herrera (mother)

Gloria Raygoza )8-31-2020 my mom participated in this interview we discussed on parenting and what was it like for her as i was growing up.

Braulio Negrete

In this interview we talked about politics, government , and about personal questions.

Interview with Lucero

In this interview the brave Lucero is reminiscing on life and passing down her wisdom

Family citezenship interview

This is an interview of my aunt and father about their process to get citizenship in the us and their experiences.

Intrevista de mama

My moms expire lien when with politics and her beliefs.

Interview assignment

We talked about the politics in America and what was my stepdad's opinion on it.

Political Ideology

During a interview for my politcal ideology.

Political stance

We talked about where my mother comes from what her traditions and traits are to her and her family. We also talked about her political stance in today’s world not just in the U.S. but also her home country.

Melanie Caceres and Lore (Mom), Life and its challenging, Los Angeles, California, 11/27/2021

Lore (33), talks with her daughter (Melanie aka me) about her childhood, heartbreaking experiences and why she is the person she is today. Along with making connections with all the memories which happen.