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Richard’s Story

In this interview , Richard tells his story about his life and his family. Richard also discussed how he spent his time on the Military. Overall, Richard talks about his life while being in the military.

Two Memorable Parachute Jumps from His Career

Collins Wynn recounts 2 parachute jumps that he made. One was with a round military chute and included a landing into trees. The other was not a military jump. That jump was with with a skydiver style chute. On the...

The great thanksgiving listen
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my Pappy’s life,his career,his life when he was in the military,and what he thinks of me.

My husband, the cynic.

My husband reflected on the good and some bad of his life. He reflected on how far he has come.


Christina grew up in Germany, had a happy marriage to Gerald, an English Army soldier and had 3 children, but lost her husband when he was only 41.

Gavin Campos and Dave Chandler Fayetteville, GA 11/28/21
November 28, 2021 App Interview

I interviewed my grandpa while we were at their house for Thanksgiving. This was for a school project and I really enjoyed this. I asked him about his life and I learned a lot of things about him that I...

Cindy Smith interviews her mother, Myong Arndt, a Korean war bride.

Cindy Smith: 2021-09-16 00:18:30 54 year old daughter interviews her immigrant mother, Myong Sun Lee was orphaned during the Korean War. She was living a little out of Seoul, S. Korea when my father, Private First Class, Leo David Arndt...

Steven Lynch talks about his Childhood dream job and his military experience

Steven lynch wanted to be a professional wrestler but instead he enrolled in the army for six years.

Grandpa interview

This is what it was like for my grandpa during his life and time during the war

Interview with mom

Discovering new things about my mom as she discusses her time in the Army.

LTC Retired Dave Greene Interview

Dave Greene served as a Military Intelligence officer in the Army after receiving a direct commission. Here, he shares the story of his career and some of the memorable people he met along the way.

How food has changed over time

A deep reflection on the impact of food on my Grandfather and how it has changed over his life

Military Voices Initiative with Tressa Jilek

Tressa Jilek talked answered questions about her experiences in the Army as a Quartermaster Officer. She started her career as an enlisted soldier in the Army Reserves and earned a commission through ROTC.

Thanksgiving extra credit

I interviewed my grandfather about entering the reserves and how he grew up.