“I’d rather be thought of someone wise and loving”

My Grandma wants to be an inspiration to her family. She explained how much religion means to her and how it uplifts her. She wants to be remembered as someone wise and loving. And loves to read books.

Lee and Ken’s Interview

We focused on a number of the questions provided on this site.

Holy Cross Dunn Loring Nicholas Bruner

Interview with parishioner Nicholas Bruner on the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Dunn Loring

Interview with Grandmere

interviewing grandmother about her life and her most grateful memories


The way of life as a child and past decisions that were made. How addictions and triumph has overcome.

My father’s past

What his life was like back then and what they did during that time.

Interview with Laura!

This interview is about getting to know my friends grandma and how she has grown as a person and how she’s grown with her family

Daughter interviewing mother

My mother, Kristi knew she wanted to date my father right after they met. Soon after they got engaged and then married. They had me and my sisters, giving us a great childhood and life.


Childhood, siblings, things he is grateful for and what he has learned from his experiences.

James talking to his father about his childhood and jobs.
December 1, 2019 App Interview

My interview was on December 2019 talking with my father about his childhood and previous experiences in Voorheesville New York. I asked about his childhood, jobs, interests and family. My father talked about previous jobs as well as his interests...

Donna Hillmann talks about her childhood growing up in Milton, Wisconsin, and raising a family.

In this interview, on November 28th, 2019 in Oregon Wisconsin, Donna Hillmann talks about her childhood on a farm in Milton Wisconsin, her family (siblings, parents, origin) , growing up and raising a family ( husband Friedo Hillmann, children Jeff,...

James Fyke Interview

I interview James Fyke, a long time friend and youth counselor of mine about his work in the police force and his experience as a member of my church.


Vannesa told me about deep conversations we had it was mostly life and how she didn't really struggle but helped out through the her life.

My mom history

We have talked about my mothers past and a little bit of her future.

Interview project with my nana

what the days were like before i was born and what she is most grateful for.

Holiday season, time to listen

My nana talks about her childhood and what it was like with religion and the many traditions that were passed down. She later talks about how she felt when she was pregnant with my mom and i learned reasonings for...

CMST 331 Final- Pastor Joe Wittwer

interview of Pastor Joe Wittwer of Life Center Church in Spokane, WA and his life story, his calling as pastor, and the future of the church and legacy that he wants to leave for the church and his family

Road To Happiness

My brother Elisha’s struggles and accomplishments that led him to where he is today