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Storytelling assignment-Grandma Helen

this interview was with my Grandma Helen Tolano who is 81 years old. We talked about important people in her life like my Papa, Ray Tolano, and her mother, as well as her grandkids and great grandkids. she talked about...

Family History – 12-03-2023 11:10/Tubbs

interview of Leshaun Lodge, her migration to America, and her experiences after

interpersonal interview

Anne Stone, 18, current girlfriend, talked about here life and her future plans.

Storytelling assignment

In this interview we talked about the background of Jeff Mckinney's life

Speech Story Telling Assignment

This is my grandpa talking about his life. struggles, memories, and more.

My sister and I discuss her travel history and future
October 24, 2022 App Interview

My older sister and I talk about my sister's travel over the years. We mainly discuss where she's been during childhood and adult years and where she'd like to go now.

Memories with Mom

Just a conversation between me and my mom to figure out a piece of my mother's family heritage and to find out who my mothers side of the family were before and after they came to America

Storytelling Assignment Interview

Interviewing my sister for my college storytelling assignment. I talk to my sister about compelling questions as I listen to her responses. In the end, I tell her how much she has meant to me.

Storytelling Assignment

Interview with my mother for a college course in Introduction to Speech Communication.

Storytelling Assigment

This is a interview of my mother, following the questions and guidelines of our assignment.

A Brief Synopsis of Antonia Rivera

Antonia Rivera is a 53 year old mother. She is Kayla Moreles (20) mother. They discussed a small memoir of Antonia’s life.


This is an interview with my father. My fathers names in Melvin Smith and he is currently 46. We discussed topics about family.

Mom Interview for Speech

Interview I did for my Speech class at Collin College with my mother

Storytelling Assignment
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Father, Jonathan Crawford (42), and daughter, Janessa Crawford (19) interview about past, present, and future event that have made them who they are today.