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I interviewed Melanie with the intent to get to know her more than just a classmate I have a class with. The questions I asked all connected in a way that didn't feel forced to ask.

Jonathan Camarena’s Interview

Jonathan Talked about his friends and school life. he also talked about how he appreciated how his life was going.


Alan talked about his loved ones. He talked about the most important people in his life.

Jose morales

Jose morales talks about the questions I ask. He goes in depth on how he feels about these questions. He gives us a perception on his life.


dianne talked about life in school and outside of school. Things she wants to do.

The Life of Anne Marie

Anne Marie moved a lot as a child but always stuck through it like a champ. Her mom was a loving and caring person and her dad was a silly man. He left often for work but whenever he came...


His name is Diego and he’s 17 years old. The topics we discussed are about his future, job, family and much more.

Samual baptiate

Samual baptiate talked about how it was like growing up in South central and where his family came from and his future after high school.

Arianna Moreno La Morena

She lives La,California and she’s 17 and she mostly talked about her parents and the things it makes her happy but also she wants to be remembered.

Recording – 08-18-2023 09:54:06

His name is Jonathan and he is 17 years old. His goals in life is to be successful in the next 10 years not working a 9-5.


Talked about family, relationships, being independent, and balancing life all around.

interview with ky

this is an interview of wilder, fiona, and forest interviewing ky for our ethnic studies class. we discussed many lgbtqia+ topics and history, as well of what ky is doing now in his life.

America interviewing Matteo

For an assignment for ethnic studies course, students America Castillo interviews Matteo Wolfson, two seniors at AJR. The two students share memories, personal and basic ones in efforts to get to know and understand one another better.


Ask my friend Susana questions about her life, goals, and dreams.