Growing Up Asian American

Jade is interviewing her 14 year old brother, Pau Khual, about his experience growing up as an Asian American.

an interview with christian

we mostly talked about his interests in life. Little things like his dream job, his intersts in hobbies like reading and riding bikes.

Speech Interview

Charlotte Pierce and Alicia Carmen discuss family life, and what means most out of it.

Get to Know my Mom
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Sam Tolbert, 20, Birmingham Southern College Student. Kristi Tolbert, 56. topics discussed were what was life like as a kid, favorite and worse job experience, as well as favorite subject as a kid.

welcome to my world

me and my family were going to the grocery store while i was 15, assumed of stealing. By people who don’t work there

Un cambio para bien

This interview to my mom is all about the whole process of when our family had to immigrate from Mexico to the US, to be honest it has not been easy, like everything we had some rough times but always...

Thanksgiving interview 11/30/22
December 1, 2022 App Interview

It's was fun and there was a lot of laughs.He made me laugh a lot and he even said some stories that I didn't even know. When he talked about Grandpa it made me happy and there was a spark...

Me and my Father

Christian Moreno, 19, Son. Jesus Moreno, Father. I asked my father who was shy answering my questions about his life, my life, and our families life.

Grandma’s Timeline of Significant Memories

In this interview held on November 25th, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Evelyn Spiegel (15) interviews Heather Cowan (69) about how she was raised. She also touches on other topics such as who impacted her life most and how the...

interview with my mamaw
November 30, 2022 App Interview

this interview was with me and my mamaw (Melissa tabor) I’m 16, Melissa is 54 and it’s about me and my mamaws relationship and how she defeated cancer

Getting to know Mrs.GDP

Asking my wife some questions about her life for my daughter to listen to when she gets older.

Interview with my Mom

I am Chris and I am 19 and I interviewed my mom who is named Penny and is 54 and I interviewed her over personal questions.

extra credit whap interview

This is an interview for world history AP. It’s a great opportunity for extra credit.

De La Flor Podcast

My name is Sophia Petri and I am a 16 year old student at Gulliver Prep in Pinecrest, Florida.


interview with my little sister

My Grandma’s Life

I got with my grandma and asked her about her life, and my families life before I was born.

Mwomwotùn Winiènùt

Mwomwotun Winiènùt ew manaw mei murinne sipwe manaweni. Sisapw chok kutta ach, nge sipwe pwan kutta aan chon winiòruch.

My Mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Weird thoughtful questions to my mom who’s been the biggest inspiration in my life. Raw truths, and some juicy thoughts.