Ned Baldwin

We talked about Ned’s life as a kid without his dad. We also talked about hi grandfather.


Sharing work experiences that have enriched his life.

Family Stole Horses

My ancestors stole horses out of Ireland and to avoid punishment they came to America.

caleb’s interview 55

We talked about mainly family, career, and legacies.

Holiday traditions

My dad tells me about some of his holiday traditions in his Italian family

Tough Love

Tough love from close memories and people.It will shape you into somebody strong.

Coming to the Land of Liberty
December 2, 2019 App Interview

Natalie Ng, a freshman student from Francis Lewis High School, interviewed her mother, Jian Ng, to discover more about her culture and past. This allowed her to gain a sense of knowledge of immigration and it’s struggles through her mother’s...

Two roommates with different backgrounds yet so similar.

In this interview a brief insider look was given into how Jake Hughes was raised and how it molded it him into the man he is today. Then who were those people that raised him and why they had a...

The Mile Walk In My Life

In the interview we talked about tradition , what was childhood like , and mostly what tradition was held up until this day and the true meaning behind it.

My amazing brother amir

This interview went really well and I feel like I learned a lot of insight into the mind of my brother

Moms interview

when taking this interview we had just put the christmas tree and added every ugly ornament we owned and ate my favorite food chicken casserole