An Interview with Sean McKay
November 26, 2017 App Interview

An interview about my Dad’s spiritual and religious thoughts.

Thanksgiving Interviewing

I’ve learned so many things about my mom I didn’t know before

Mohawk VS George

Funny story discussing our Mohawk and George story.

Storytelling Assignment

Interviewing a family member, about what we mean to them & life.

My Thanksgiving listen with my grandma.

We talked about where she grew up and what she hoped for the future of the earth.

Interviewing my mom

My mom and I talked about life decisions, goals, and the pities about our lives.

Interview with my Mom

Me asking my Mom a hand full of questions that I was interested in.

my brother

my brother and I had an interview about his past life and many deeper questions. him and I are very close and talk about almost everything, but not really about the past and how it effected us.

Papa Orloff

Elmer Orloff and Lily Dougherty, grandfather and granddaughter.

The Life of Eula Colbert

This is an interview between my great grandmother and I. The purpose of this interview was to learn about her past and all of her experiences up to this present date.

Oral History Project

I interviewed my brother about his journey as an international student and his success in landing a green card through the diversity green card lottery