Service Learning Project

Wisdom my mom shared to me and other people listening to the interview.

Cucchiara, Giovanni (Peer Interview 11/20/23)

Giovanni Cucchiara (14 years) interviews his peer Abdi Abdikarim (14 years) about celebrations. They talk about what holidays and celebrations Abdi celebrates and why.

English- SPA project

this was a great conversation with my dad, it really helped me understand how intelligent he really is. all the information from him is also very important and I’m happy I can share this with you

Harris, Kaleb (Peer Interview 11/20/23

the interviewer is Kaleb Harris (14) and the interviewee is Connor Sammons (15) and we are peers. The topics discussed were questions about pets and memories of those pets.

Recording – 11-26-2023 15:14:35

my interviewee is my mom, Mellisa and she is 41 years old and we talked a lot about her childhood.

Recording – 12-19-2023 16:14:34

event interviewed my grandma and grandpa what year they got married he was in the military. He grew up on a farm. He’s been doing for a long time. 

mom interview

I interviewed my mom to get to know her better and know more about her childhood.

Interview of Introduction

The participant in the interview is my older brother, Jason Osei-Tutu. He’s 21 years old. General questions about self introduction were asked such as language he speaks back home, his educational background, and country of origin.

English SPA Ms.Deshler Intervieww

This interview is about a student interviewing teacher. It tells about her life experience in learning math and how important it is in life even for an english major. That’s it.

Interview with Coach Robinson

The impact of a coach has on a player. Also the impact a teacher has on a student.

Frank Hamper, Louis Hamper interview

This is me Frank Hamper interviewing my dad Louis hamper date 12/10/2023. We discussed about how much my dad loves me and about how he met my mom. We discussed what his favorite memories were to.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my grandma Silma Pereira, who grew up in Brazil and what her life was like there.

First day of school

We talked about her memories in school an how did she feel about the first day of school an if she could relive her teenage years would she.

Gloria & Francisco Story

Gloria(56)and Francisco(60) are a married couple, They are my grandparents. My grandma came here by crossing the border, she goes into mild detail about her childhood and the hardships she went through. Later on, she talks about advice she would...