A interview with Grandma

My grandmother telling about her life and what she believes.

Katrina’s Interview

This interview reflected on my oldest sister, Katrina Pangan. She talked about her achievements, memories, and life as to how she became the person she is today.

English interview

I asked questions about my mothers life and what lessons she learned from her parents.

Hannah Henley Interview

In this interview we talked about my grandmother’s childhood, her adult life, her high school/college, her jobs, and what she done up until where she is now.

English 11 Interview

In this Interview i shall say, i interviewed my dad and asked questions about his past and what he sees in the future, and I will say that it was really interesting.

Interviewing my mom

We talked a lot about my mom when she was little. We also talked about her favorite stuff

Me and my mom

About what we would have happen and what parts were happy and sad.

Talking to my dad.

I talked to my dad about his childood and where he grew up . We also talked about his job.

Spanish Final

We talked about why she wanted to become a teacher, travel, etc.

Radio broadcasting interview

Childhood memories and current memories along with life lessons.

Grandad Conversation

My grandfather’s dad came from Russia and we talk about his life and why he moved.


My mothers history anf her thoughts on a range of topics.

Coronavirus: Pedro Hernandez

Senior student responds to some controversial questions about the Coronavirus Pandemic.