Interview with Mason

We talked about how mason views our society and the reasons and meanings of how he feels about it.

Mom my big impact in my life

Basically questions about what my Mom does from between years ago and now


Some of the experiences from a Vietnam paratrooper.

Interview with my sister

Short interview with my sister about her own experiences from high school to college.

COVID 19 Experience

I wanted to interview Paea because as an international student COVID 19 brought a lot of new challenges that we weren’t ready for but something that prepared us better for the future. But this also gave a chance to stay...

Interview With My Father

I asked my father a few probing questions about his life and lessons and virtues he followed and still follows. Have a listen

Hannah Trout

My mom talks about her life as a child, being a parent, and her relatives.

My Mom’s Life during School

As I interviewed my mom, I learned that her experience of school was different from my experience of school. Unlike me, she studied very hard to go to college and she had a well-known nickname. It was also very interesting...

Story Corps Interview

We basically talked about what she was thankful for and what advice my mom had for me

Storytelling Assignment

I discussed meaningful memories and thoughts with my daughter and came to understand her more than I did before

thanksgiving interview on mom

I basically asked my mom a bunch of questions that she answered honestly

Humanistic Psychology

What is humanistic psychology and how it benefits the world around us.

US History Semester 1 Final Interview

I made an interview with my mother for a course final. The interview is about the time my mom came from Mexico to the US.