Grandma Marcia Naylor

I learned that my Great Grandma was a very big influence to my Grandma. Family was a very important to my grandma through her parents to her children.

Social studies

I asked him questions that I wanted to know about him.

All about my dad

This is about my dad and what it was like as a kid and how when he feel in love with my mom and his fav memories of me as a baby

Oma’s Interview

We talked about Oma’s childhood to her parenthood to her overall look on life. We explored her experiences and her life so far!

The People Person of Pueblo CO

Sydney Studholme wanted to take this Thanksgiving break to interview one of the kindest people she knows. Her Nana, Sandra Faiola


When she was younger and what it was like.

The interview

We talked about many things like who were her influences and what did she like to do. We also talked about what sports she liked and things that gave her happiness


We talked about her life growing up

Life after higschool

Today I interview my older sister about her college experience.But also about what she would have done better and some mistakes she wish she could take back.Also about what she wants for her future and how she sees her self.

Remembering Gramma Dottie
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Talking with my grandfather about my grandmother who died before I was born.

The great Thanksgiving listen

It was mainly focusing on him and his past childhood. It was also talking about his struggles and how he overcame them

The influence the US had on my mom

In this interview I talk to my mom about how the US has influenced many aspects of her life whether it be her life in Mexico and or her life here

Pushing Forward!

Learning to not let my many obstacles I endured in my life stop me from being happy.

Grandma Interview

We talked about what her childhood was like. We talked about how her and my grandpa met and how her parents met.

Best interview

This has been the best interview ever. I really enjoyed it especially having the interview with my mom.

My interview of my mom By: Delaney Hitsman ELA6

My interview was maiming about my mom and her life growing up and her life while she was younger.

Interview with my cousin Zara
January 6, 2020 App Interview

Learning more about my cousin through a series of questions