the thanksgiving listen

my participant is my brother and his name is Johann Ramirez and he from florida

Imagrants point of view

The talk was about the different perspectives of a imagrant.She talked about how she made her journey to America and also about how she feels about America now that she is living here.

The interview

We talked about many things like who were her influences and what did she like to do. We also talked about what sports she liked and things that gave her happiness

Interview with my mom
November 24, 2020 App Interview

Jordan (14 female) interviews her mother, Emily (unknown female).

Interview with my mom

In this interview, I will be asking my mom about her past.

Thanksgiving interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Today we talked about our description. And how we would like to be know as. I asked my aunt 9 questions.

All about my dad

This is about my dad and what it was like as a kid and how when he feel in love with my mom and his fav memories of me as a baby

StoryCorps Project Final

I’ve interviewed my mom who is teacher and I asked her questions of how COVID19 is effecting my mom.

Oma’s Interview

We talked about Oma’s childhood to her parenthood to her overall look on life. We explored her experiences and her life so far!

My interview of my mom By: Delaney Hitsman ELA6

My interview was maiming about my mom and her life growing up and her life while she was younger.

My grandmothers past life

My grandmother talks about her past life and describes how it’s like in her time