Jersey City History Fair

I asked her some history based questions... Also asked a couple of questions about where she from and how she feel about where she from.

“True love takes… three months?”

This pair is the perfect example of what love can look like even after 26 years, God is their backbone and they've showed me what life should be like

Storytelling Assignment

I interviewed my boyfriend, and got to learn more about him and his view on life.

Celebrate Life with grandma

Grandama talks about the influence her father had on her life and the advise she used to raise strong children. Developing character and learning to seize the opportunities that life presents.

9/11 Interview with My Mom

Interview with my mom over an important historical event in her lifetime.

Interview with Jay

We talked about Jay’s earlier life such as his childhood experiences, how he was raised, and people who impacted his life. Then we talked about his present life and what he does for his job, how he got into that...

9/11 Interview Luke Gorski

My name is Luke Gorski and I interviewed my dad Bill Gorski on his expierience during 9/11.

What was it like in covid 19

Me and my mom talked about what it was like in covid 19. We talked about how she felt during Corona and how it changed her life. We also talk about how she felt as a parent.

Parent Interview

This interview is about my mom’s first generation born American.

Pappa Jones

This was a very informative interview I loved it

Service Learning Project

Today me and my Mom talked about her experiences within the U.S. and Vietnam