Something Inside Me

My mom Sara reflects on the twists and turns of her life, which led from an Ohio farm to Kabul, Afghanistan, and onto Vietnam as she followed a gut instinct that urged her to take chances she didn’t expect to...

Extra Credit WHAP

This interview was about teenage life in Eau Claire Wisconsin where my grandpa lived

John Lee & Quinn Riddle

Longtime friends, John (41) and Quinn (40), sit to talk about their time in the Peace Corps. How the Peace Corps changed them and the friendships and gifts they received from their time in service.

Interview with Don Ferguson (Dad)

We talked about Don's life experiences and his background, and wisdom he would want share with his future descendants.

Marilyn Shaw talks to her grandson, Colin Shaw, about her life and inspirations.

In this interview, Colin Shaw (14) interviews his grandmother, Marilyn Shaw about her life. They talk about everything from her childhood to her jobs in the Foreign Services and Peace Corps, and even some political opinions. She shares about her...

Johanna Interview

The role of a healthcare provider in the greater community and how family values shape a person.

Chattin with dad

I talked with my dad about certain things that happened in his life and memories

Mom Interview

A complete recount of significant moments in her life, and memories from it.

Marilyn Maloney Sapsford Oral History Part I

Marilyn talked about what was important to her and the influences in her life.

Natalie joins the Peace Corps

peace corps volunteer in Afghanistan tells what life was like and how the experience is still with her.

Being the Change with Kenney Tran

Kenney Tran is a Vietnamese American RPCV who served in Colombia, telling stories of exploring his past, learning from history, and analyzing the political movements of today in order to sculpt a better world through policy and legislation. Kenney currently...

what we take for advantage

We talked about my dad’s time in the Peace Corps and how that has been an influence in his life. Subsequently, we reflected in his life and conversed about what he wants now.

Peace Corps in Gabon

Peace Corps volunteer MichaelCrane describes his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, village of Oloua.

Sophie Yarwood interviews her father Brian Yarwood on Thanksgiving 2017

Interview with Brian and Sophie Yarwood about Brian’s early life in Iowa with some stories about his time in Togo Africa when he was in the Peace Corps 1984-87

Progress and Paradox

I interviewed my neighbor (age 64) who shared some of his experiences about his life including time in the Peace Corps.