Jaden and Jenifer Vnencak – Life Lessons and Stories from Mom

Jaden Vnencak (19) interviews his mom, Jenifer Vnencak (52) about a wide range of topics such as life lessons, my crazy birth story and other hopes for my future.

Time of Art: Karina McKenna and Isabelle Cattie

Karina McKenna (18) talks with her beloved friend, Isabelle Cattie (19) about the pursuit of art and how art interacts with life, especially in the time of the Coronavirus.

Life with Mom and Dad

I talk with my parents about their life in the Philippines, immigrating to the United States, and what I was like growing up.

Sreeram Mandava – Interview with Parents

My parents and I discussed their educational background along with their opinions on the requirements to find success in America. Additionally, they provided context to how their culture influenced their success in the jobs.

Alyssa Fermin and Kenneth Fermin

Listen to Alyssa Fermin (18) and Kenneth Fermin (20) talk about Kenneth’s goals in life, our grandfather, and being kicked by six year olds.