Interview with Charlotte Ashby

An interview with my grandmother and her past work experience. This includes stories and lessons from her teaching career.

Sister Brother time

Asked my brother how his education and values were like and his sets and goals which developed more of an understanding for me to know him better.

Great thanks giving listen

It was about her life moving to the Us as an immigrant.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was a way for me to connect with my mother on another level. I already talk a lot with my mom but i would never think twice about what was asked.

Immigration Interview

Interview of fellow classmate who has immigrated to the United States from Kenya

Eden Block Interview Eddy

Talked to my grandma about life back in her day and how society is different.

Morgan’s interview

Interviewing a female whanau member, in my interview it was my Mum, about her childhood.


We talked about life and influences that have impacted our life.

LHP project Pierce Davidson

Interview with my grandma about the 1960s and how it affected her life and shaped who she is.

School Life

It is about me getting to know more about my dad's school life.