Marginalized in Black Lives
December 11, 2022 App Interview

This interview was conducted by Jostein Clarke which is 21 years of age. The participant was Susie Clarke, the mother of Jostein. This interview was about black live matter and the equity of black lives.

My interview with my dad

We talked about a lot like family traditions and his childhood

Great thanks giving listen

It was about her life moving to the Us as an immigrant.

The life of my older sister

In our interview, we talked about how her life was, her regrets and the most things and people she cherrish

Interviewing my Step Dad

Errol Hamilton (37) talks about how he grew up, where, and how it was like.

VH and RT #2

Rylan interviewed victoria to get to know her better as a friend

Jason v2
August 23, 2022 App Interview

Today I interviewed Jason with pretty mild questions to get a story out of him, getting to know him a little better.

Thanksgiving listen

If I had to summarize this recording I would say it was about my fathers life,and also about school

What it’s like to be a twin!

This is about my best friends life with me when we were younger because we are twins!

Harris, Kaleb (Peer Interview 11/20/23

the interviewer is Kaleb Harris (14) and the interviewee is Connor Sammons (15) and we are peers. The topics discussed were questions about pets and memories of those pets.

My dads life

We talked about how some of his favorite memories and just what happened in the past

My Interview with Shawn Oliver

We mainly talked about personal stories and remeberances throughout my interviwee’s life time.