Eden Block Interview Eddy

Talked to my grandma about life back in her day and how society is different.

Interview with my mom

For this assignment I interviewed my mom and learned about her past. I know more about her now then I did before.


Interviewing my mom and sister about COVID-19

Life with my Aunt

Over thanksgiving, I interviewed my favorite Aunt Christine. She explained to me what her childhood was like and how it shaped her into the person she is today. She also talked to me about her happiest moments, and saddest moments....

Evening Talk With My Grandmother

My grandma and I mainly talked about her time in Cuba and what it was like for her being my age. She spoke to me about past friendships, jobs, and even about our current relationship with each other and God.

Interview 1
November 13, 2017 App Interview

We talked about important moments in her life.

Story Corps interview- English 1

I interviewed my cousin Courtney Garcia and just asked her about life stories and about her childhood.

Best Friend Interview

I interviewed my best friend about how we met and how we feel about each other.

School Life

It is about me getting to know more about my dad's school life.

Hello Roy!!

This interview is about my friend – Roy. Everyone has a unique childhood, also including him. We talked about the memory of childhood, change of life, matter of family, etc. Moreover, this interview helped me know more about my friend....

Father and daughter

Entrevisté a mi papá, sobre cómo conoció a mi mamá y que piensa de mí.


We talked about randon stuff while she was crocheting. And we are eating dinner at the park. We cried bc of my brother but we got over it.


So like this is my mom because my grandparents don’t know how to use technology at all

History Extra Credit

We talked about how his personal life and how we grew up.