Great thanks giving listen

It was about her life moving to the Us as an immigrant.


Talked about how her parents came to the country. And how she loves her religion.

Thanksgiving listen

If I had to summarize this recording I would say it was about my fathers life,and also about school

Father Figure

My father and I discussed his life through different times in his life.

What it’s like to be a twin!

This is about my best friends life with me when we were younger because we are twins!

2000’s Decade

we talked lots about social media and fashion and how it evolved and impacted people’s lives

Interviewing Jacoby
January 30, 2018 App Interview

I asked Jacoby questions about his childhood. He gave honest answers to what happens.

History Extra Credit

We talked about how his personal life and how we grew up.

Interview 1
November 13, 2017 App Interview

We talked about important moments in her life.

Interview with Charlotte Ashby

An interview with my grandmother and her past work experience. This includes stories and lessons from her teaching career.

Student Sasha Nizamova and Teacher Jeffery Kohls discuss education and generational differences.

Jeffery Kohls, and 8th Grade teacher in the Denver Metro Area and Sasha Nizamova, a gifted and talented 8th grade student have an after school discussion on May 10th, 2019. Mr.Kohls shares his views about teaching as a middle school...

VH and RT #2

Rylan interviewed victoria to get to know her better as a friend

Cassia Cobb Interview

Interview for oral communications summer class. Conversation between Cassia Cobb and Kyle Cobb.