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Tell Me A Story

This interview is about me asking my cousin a few questions about herself.

Interview with my brother

I sat down with my brother and asked him several questions about his life.

Recording – 11-26-2023 18:26:54

Hello, I did the interview with my boyfriends mom since im really close to her and she means alot to me. Her name is Angela and she is 33 years old. We talked about her childhood and her life.

emelin interview , Period 4

I (Kevin) asked her for her interest , where she was raised and born and her likes . Got to know her better and now i would feel like we would get along throughout the year.

Maggie’s interview with her Dad

Maggie interviews her Dad about growing up in Double Springs Alabama. They also talk about his greatest influence growing up and what he would like to pass on to others.

Emily Shih

This is an interview with my mom: her childhood experiences, her new life in America, and her entrepreneurial business ventures