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Interview with Carmela Escudero

Christian Escudero interviewed his grandmother, Carmela Escudero who is 77 years old from Pola, Italy. In the interview she explains her early life in Italy and the lessons she has learned on her way to the United States.

interview with Mikey

Nang Tuang an 18 year old student interviews his good friend Michael Paredes, 18 years old, and have interesting conversation.

me and my mom

I sat down with my mom to ask her the questions i’ve always wanted to know. Prepare for laughs, memories, and tears.

Oral History Project 2023

This is an interview by Isabella Cabrera who is interviewing her mom, Ana Cabrera. Ana recounts her childhood, the trauma she carries from fleeing the communist government in Cuba, her determination through nursing school, and lessons she’s learnt through being...

Oral History interview project with Sophia Ortiz

The person that I interviewed was Sophia Ortiz, an 18 year old senior from St Brendan High School. I am a 17 year old senior from St Brendan and she is my friend. Topics discussed were life advice, experiences, and...

Interview with mom

Here I interviewed my mom and we talked about her favorite food and the things she loves most

Entrevista con Abella

Interview with Mercedes Bello Viccentini (Spanish). We talked about her family and her childhood. She was born in Venezuela. She was born in the 1930s and married Guillermo Bello in 1951.

Interview with Abuela

I am 18 years old and Esperanza Ruiz is 75 years old. Esperanza is my grandma and we talked about her childhood, her proudest accomplishments, and how my abuelo and her met.