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Ryan interview

This is an interview Olivia Cropper (19) conducted with Ryan Seay (18). They are friends who discuss life work and the future.

Interview with Gauge

I interview my close friend Gauge Lewis about his music choices and what music means to him.

Bre and Brian interview

My participant’s name is Brian Etchison. He is a friend of mine and he is 24 years old. The topics we discussed are mainly aligned with his values.

Growing Up Asian American

Jade is interviewing her 14 year old brother, Pau Khual, about his experience growing up as an Asian American.

story telling interview
September 15, 2023 App Interview

The participants names were Levi stice, and Taryn Zohlman. They are ages 21 and 18 and are longtime friends. They discussed the goals, values, and family/memories.

Teaching Practical Nursing

I interviewed Kristy Moore, my sister- in-law. Kristy was a bedside nurse for many years and when she left bedside care, she found a position in teaching nursing. She is an instructor at a local college here in Tulsa.

10 year old describes LOVE

I ask my 10 year old brother, Landen, what he thinks LOVE means.

Morgan Castleman interview #1
September 10, 2023 App Interview

This is a interview with my brothers partner Morgan Castleman. We discussed her current major,greatest achievement and best/worst jobs she’s had.

Interview with mother

Interviewer - Cooper Huntington-Bugg Interviewee - Tracy Huntington talked about her time at TCC and starting her business

About Cerbal Palsey
October 24, 2022 App Interview

Trying to educate others on what CP is and how it affects the people that have this disability.

Dropping out

I was speaking to my mom about her experience dropping out. We talked about how it affected her life. We also talked about what she could have done better.

How Covid-19 Was For You
November 11, 2022 App Interview

Jaedin Pennell interviewed Yasmar Bailon-Aguayo who are both 16 years old. Both students attend Union Public Schools High School and Tulsa Community College. The topics discussed covered everything Covid, from how it affected you at the start to lessons you...

Interview with Gauge

I interview my close friend Gauge Lewis about his music choices and what music means to him.

Teacher mom

In this interview I learned about my moms educational experience and why she Choose to become an elementary school teacher. Also learned her hopes for the future.

Interview with Dr. Jimmy Klemis

Interview with Interventional Cardiologist Jimmy Klemis about becoming a doctor.

Pa and Maddie

My Pa told me about his life as a child, and a little bit of other things too.

A mother of importance

I interviewed Dawna Bradley Aka Aunt Dawna she is 69 yes old. We discussed about who influenced her the most in her life and the lessons that she learned. She also told me a fun work memory that she experienced.