Interview with my brother, USAF Retired Combat Rescue Officer.

I interviewed my brother eight years ago, on Veterans Day in Portland, Oregon. Here is his story about serving in the military, 'So Others May Live.'

John Boles: Lieutenant Colonel, US Air-Force

Malcolm Raupp interviews John Boles, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Vietnam War. John is Malcolm’s step-grandfather. John talks about missions he performed while in the Air-Force such has, rescue missions, dropping bombs and napalm, and many other tasks....

Wyatt and his Grandfather

Wyatt (13) interviews his grandfather William (80), where he talks about his childhood, and military and police service, along with his daughter and Wyatt’s mother, Alicia (42).

Norman McDaniel

I talked with Norman McDaniel, my grandfather about his time in the Vietnam War and his overall life and future ambitions for the world.

Scott Verkuilen and Drew Sandberg

Drew Sandberg (49) tells the story of how he visited his friend in Taos, New Mexico in the year 2000 where he was met with the natives of the area during Yuletide, a celebration that takes place around thanksgiving.

My dads life

The beginning was about my dad early life. After a few minutes we started talking about his life in the military

My father, the Drill Instructor!

My father is a man of very few words, he’s a quiet, but very serious man. I could never imagine him yelling, I found it fascinating that he was a Drill Instructor in the Air Force, back in the early...

Grandpa Mort Interview

My great grandfather Mort shares his story about his life, his love, and his struggle, starting with a begining in the height of the Great Depression.