Interviewing My Father: Laurence Verga

We talked about mostly his childhood up to when he went to college.

My interview

I interviewed my grandma , our conversation consisted of her love life, kids ,and who helped her in life . she was a very up going person and a regular human being

Rickey Rollins

We talked about her childhood and what was her best memory of me

Interview with Grandpa

We talked about my Grandpa’s childhood, his experiences, and people who influenced him.

Thanksgiving story

The comparison of living down in Mississippi to living in the City of Chicago during this time of year.

Greenstein – Dad & Daughter

A dad and his adult daughter talk about the happy moments early in his first marriage, overcoming shyness, and being bullied

Lindsay Runnels

The early childhood life of my mother and some little things about being a parent.

Interview with mom

We talked about what it was like growing up and childhood experiences

Interview with Pop

We talked about his parents moving to the USA

About my uncle

We talked about what his life was and how he grew up

Childrens Island

What Childrens Island is and what does it mean for people.