Adventures of Failed Comedian & Dumb Dumb

Today I (Failed comedian who's never done Standup but has bombed doing theater) interview my best friend Kenna (Dumb Dumb), we talk about who as influenced her, what she wants to be remembered for, and Denzel Washington. Join us on...

The Important Goals In Life

To start off, I simply interview my sister asking her questions about her life and college life. I feel like this I didn’t know about her I know understood because she explained in this interview.

Grandmas childhood

The story was about her childhood memories and adventures she had in school and with her family.

My dad’s life

we talked about his childhood and what it was about

my tia jessica

i talked about what was her favorite thing that has happend to her

Andrew and squak

We talked a lot about squaks childhood and family, also his nickname.

Humans of McKamy

We talked about important stuff in life and the mistakes.

Nijyar Weysi interviewing

What was talked about was interviewing my cousin and was very fascinated by the answers on a one to one talk

Interview with Pop

We talked about his parents moving to the USA

Service Learning Project

I interviewed my Dad named Edwin. This opportunity has helped me gain a better understanding of the purpose to life.

My grandaddy

We talked about his life and how he got through the pain of Vietnam

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about my aunts life and her great memories. Also her kids and how life was growing up.