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Life During the 1960s

I interviewed my grandpa about life during the 1960s, touching on topics such as JFK's assassination, the moonlanding, and the Vietnam War.

1960s final

My dad’s parents explain their teenage through early 20s life in the 1960s.

60s Interview with Jerry Ludlow and Beverly Sue Richards

Interview with our grandparents about their live’s in the 1960s. About their time in college, their thoughts about the draft, and their recollections of the Vietnam War.

Brady Coffman with Jerry and Beth Callahan- Life in the 1960's

Jerry and Beth Callahan answer a series of questions about life in the 1960's including what do you remember about the Vietnam war and the general attitude of the public towards the war, What did entertainment back then look like,...

The 1960s

This was an interview between Gay Maddox and Ashley Strueh about Gay's experience in the 1960s. She shared her experience of the time when she would have been 11 years old. She shared about the moon landing and the assassination...

Marissa Urbanek and Mary Jeanne Metz

Marissa Urbanek (17) talks to her grandma Mary Jeanne Metz (77) about her memories of the 1960's in New Jersey and Ohio. She shares stories about the JFK assassination, Vietnam War, moon landing, women's rights, and what she did in...

60s Interview with Billie Miller

Sol Chen and I, Reaganne Miller, interviewed my maternal grandma, Billie Miller. We talked about her life in the 1960s and her experience as an American civilian during the Vietnam War.

Interview with my grandpa over his experience in the 1960s

John Nay (75) talks with his grand-daughter Lauren Carr (17) about his experience in the 1960's, finishing off on the intense traumatic experiences from fighting in the Vietnam War.

Lillian Clontz

Me and my grandma talking about the Vietnam war and her childhood during this time.

Selene Molife and Karen Ujereh

Selene Molife (16) talks with her grandmother, Karen Ujereh (69) about her experience during the Civil Rights Movement.

Edithe Dobbins Mason, Keziah Dobbins, Jensen Humphreys, and Kaylee Baxter

1960s lifestyle interview with Edithe Dobbins Mason: 2023-04-10 23:45:49 In this interview, the assassination of JFK and MLK Jr. are discussed along with personal experiences living in Washington D.C. and entertainment preferences during a time of change.

Madilynn Taylor and Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, my grandpa, shares about memories and significant influences of his childhood during the 1960's while my grandma, Cathie Johnson, adds a few

The 1960s Interview

Emma Cassidy talks to her grandparents, Larry Cassidy and Kathryn Cassidy about their memories throughout the 1960s and The Vietnam War. They share stories about the serving in the military in the Vietnam War, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon and...

Patricia Medenwald

Erin McCoy (16) talks with a family friend, Patricia (Patty) Medenwald (65) about her experience living during the 1960s. They discuss topics such as the moon landing, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights...