Vivian Arenado interview

Family is the main focus of this interview and what it means for my mother.

Bonding with my Mom

An interview with my amazing mother. She talks about her parents and her childhood. She answered the questions very well. I asked the questions as best as I could.

Mornings With Mom

My mornings to school include of my mom listening to Elvis Duran and quoting in all throughout the day. On this specific morning we lowered the volume and conducted this interview. My mom shared what it was like growing up...

Roger Sosa’s Life Story – Part 1

This is a story of Roger Sosa’s life, and how the Cuban Revolution impacted it.

Oral History Project 2023

This is an interview by Isabella Cabrera who is interviewing her mom, Ana Cabrera. Ana recounts her childhood, the trauma she carries from fleeing the communist government in Cuba, her determination through nursing school, and lessons she’s learnt through being...

Interview with my dad

we talked about his childhood and how certain events have shaped him

Great Thanksgiving Listen Alex Corrales P.5

I learned many things that I did not know from my grandmother.I did not know that she was very poor as a child. I also did not know that she enjoyed going to school in Cuba. I learned that she...

The great listen

I interview my mom who only speaks Spanish so the interview had to be in Spanish and I asked her a bunch of things from what she did as a child to how she met my dad

Interview with My Grandmother, Connie Cil Vazquez

I, David Trueba, interviewed my grandmother about her childhood. This quickly turned into a conversation comparing time periods.

Interview with Papi

This interview is between a father (Christian Sganga 47) and his daughter (Isabella Sganga 18). They discussed the hardships of life and how to grow from them. Isa’s father, Chris, suffered from a herniated disc, moved to a completely new...

Interview With My Mom

I sit down with my mother to discuss many of her childhood/adolescent memories.

Interview with my mom

In this interview, we discussed topics on life and future plans. We also talked about childhood and past times.

Interview with Ernie Mendez

This interview talks about my dads life when he moved from Cuba to the United States and how it influenced him.