Kathy interviews her Dad, Ron

Kathy, age 60, interviewed her Dad, Ron, aged 87. We talked about Ron’s early days in Southern California in the aerospace industry, hunting trips, boating and fishing trips through western Canada and Alaska. We also talked about how Dad met...

Identity, Survival &a Resilience: Students Sharing Wisdom

Interview of Elizabeth Rayburn-Snyder WRTG 090 by Cheryl Williams COMM A305 UAA

Interviewing alyssa

We talked about the life of my sister and some of the best and worst times of her life so far.

Father of the Year

Today I interviewed my best friend, my father. He is the biggest part of my life and my favorite part of me. He has inspired and helped me become the person I am today. With special guest Arya , my...

TJ & Scott Acord

TJ has always led an active life full of running, biking, working out and travel. All of that has come to an abrupt halt now that she is battling long covid. She is unable to do most of the things...

Interview with David Gross

An interview with my grandfather, David Gross, who was a dam geologist and grew up in Los Angeles.

Martin Zajanc and Carolyn Beecher

Martin Zajanc [no age given] talks with his girlfriend, Carolyn Beecher (65), about his multiple trips to Alaska where he was able to connect with nature and learn more about himself.

Bronwyn Hughes and Donald Morrison

One Small Step partners Bronwyn Hughes (58) and Donald "Don" Morrison (65) discuss find faith traditions later in life, the challenges of working with seriously ill infants, and feeling misunderstood.

Glenda Miller and Olivia West

Olivia West talks with fellow church member Glenda Miller about her life as a Missionary Nurse in Brazil, people who have inspired her, and how she came to know Christ.

Grandfather and Granddaughter Thanksgiving Interview

Ex-Air Force serviceman tells granddaughter of his life from elementary school to present day. My interview was with my grandfather, Hollis Flanagan (or Papaw) in Vestavia, Alabama, on November 24, 2017. A role model in his life was his father-in-law,...

John Sroufe and Diane DiSanto

John Sroufe (74) speaks with his wife, Diane DiSanto (74), about his time as a photographer in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. John expresses his moral qualms about serving in the military, recalls his initial resistance to...

Harry DeBruhl and Melinda DeBruhl

Spouses Harry DeBruhl Jr. (68) and Melinda DeBruhl (68) discuss Harry's service and time as an air force pilot.

Kenneth Burtness and Isabella Gonzalez

Kenneth "Ken" Burtness (79) sits down with new friend and interviewer Isabella Gonzalez (25) to talk about his service in the military, working with Vietnam veterans, and how an assignment to Alaska changed the course of his life.

Interview with Ama

Ama’s life as a military kid also she added “I think I forgot to tell you I wanted to be a teacher cause I wanted to help children and my aunt taught in Germany and Japan so I thought that...

David Little and Kevin Ryan

Friends David Little (62) and Kevin Ryan (49) talk about Kevin's experience in the military and remember David's father and grandfather, who both served in the military.

My Interview With My Great Uncle Allen

My great uncle Allen talks about his experiences and how he got to Alaska. He also talks about his advice for future generations. He thinks that global warming is our biggest issue and that he is sorry for his future...

Linda Carroll and Phil Carroll

Linda Carroll (no age given) asks her father Phil Carroll (73) about his time fighting overseas in the 1960s, as well as his transition out of the military and moving to Alaska. Phil also shares the story of how he...