It’s a Smalls Worls

Ms. Gerlene talked about loved ones who past and her childhood.

Interview with my Grandma

Talked to my grandmother about her past experiences


Matt D'Angelo and Liz Heller boyfriend/girlfriend explore important moments in life and advice for future generations.

Jordan Aucompaugh and his Grandma Betty Rose talk about growing up in her childhood

We talk about how her childhood was and about her parents and family. We also talked about traditions we’ve had through the years.

Joyce Rappaport Interview: June 2018 with Rich Rodgers

Joyce is my mother-in-law, but she is much more than that to me. She is a very loving person who looks for the good in people, the positive side of everyone. She accepts people for who they are. I felt...

Grandad’s 99th Birthday

We talked about Grandad’s 72 year marriage, his experiences during WW2, and life in small town Georgia.

The Journey of The Immigrant

This interview consisted of questions regarding immigration and it’s effects. I interviewed my mother as she has been through this process herself.

Karl Boehmke and Jennifer Hudson

Karl Boehmke (73) speaks to his daughter Jennifer Hudson (45) about his experiences growing up and his perspective on the sociopolitical changes he has lived through.

Joseph Eyles and William "Bill" Keenan

Longtime friends and former classmates, Joseph "Joe" Eyles (69) and William "Bill" Paul Kennan (69), talk about attending high school in Dougherty County, Georgia, in the early 1970s.

Kyle, Austin and Adam reminisce on their life experiences, specifically what has happened to them over the last 4 years.

Austin Lang, Kyle Hacker and Adam Riker (interviewer) have been friends for the past three years. But, they come to find that they may not know as much about each other as they may have thought they did.

Life in Albany

This is a conversation about life growing up in Albany as well as the typical family after World War II.

The Life of Sally Laurilliard

This interview includes information about Sally's life as an English Teacher, parent, and grandmother.

Joseph William Eyles and Mary Kelline Webb

Kelline Webb talks about her experiences growing up on Mary Avenue in Albany, Georgia, as a senior at Albany High School in 1972, and as a professional care-giver in Panama City, Florida. (interviewed February 2, 2024)

Noah and Joel Best

The stories of Joel’s childhood and school experience, and of his love life with my mother.