Michael and Kyla discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Kyla walks through a thought experiment with her dad, Michael, where they imagine it is the year 2030. Together, they reflect on how a neighborhood in Northern Michigan achieved carbon neutrality and responded to the climate crisis over the last...

Michael and Brad Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Brad Becker interviews Michael Kantor about his thoughts on climate change and resource decent. Michael discusses how he and others can cope with the effects.

Allison and Mrinalini discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 15, 2021 App Interview

Alli Kasparek (21) talks with team member, Mrinalini Gupta (20), about ways for people to cope with climate change, resource descent, and the climate anxiety created by both. Alli shares the power of engagement and active living in coping with...

Hannah Peplinski reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

This interview discusses the salient concepts of the course environmental stewardship, as well as their potential for application. This application is framed in both the lense of the interviewee as well as community development specifically related to policy and food...

Will and Allison discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Alli Kasparek (21) talks with Will Dormer (21) about how the climate change and resource descent problems affect a neighborhood's resilience and contribute to feelings of attentional fatigue and stress. They discuss possible solutions to the feelings of anxiety, including...

Anna Reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

Anna describes the importance of future-oriented behavior change approaches that center autonomy, eudaemonic well-being, and frugality. She discusses storytelling as a powerful envisioning tool, the additive benefits of the Supportive Environments for Effectiveness model, and the appropriate role of experts.

Lauren and Angie discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Lauren and Angie discuss the measures Angie's community took to prepare themselves and combat the climate emergency. We discussed carpooling, using different energy sources for houses, and goals that were set by the neighborhood. Angie's community worked together for the...

Tamiko-Words of Wisdom from my adopted Japanese mother-in-law

Tamiko was born in Japan in 1933. She shares what it was like to go from a comfortable life as a young child to living in a war torn country and learning to survive and thrive by her wits.

Spears family culture

We talked about family culture. Mainly about my moms side where they focused on a lot of cars.

Interview with Marnee Burke DeVine, first cousin to John and Robert Kennedy

Catrin, Daniel and Ellen Koselka's interview of their great aunt, Marnee Burke DeVine, first cousin to John and Robert Kennedy. Marnee discusses growing up with her cousins, her work on their presidential campaigns, her marriage to John DeVine and her...

Alejandra Torres reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship | ENV361

I dive into the metrics of the pyschology of environmental swewardship. I talk about how this course has educated me on creating change to reduce my carbon footprint.

Jack Barshaw reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship ENV361 2022
April 26, 2022 App Interview

Reflecting on reading This Civilization is Finished, as well as course concepts about Environmental Psychology, and a more sustainable future.

Alicia and Zoe discuss local food
January 29, 2020 App Interview

In this we discuss how local food has impacted Alicia’s life and how she has strived to support local food in Ann Arbor. She begins by discussing how her family immigrated from Italy and how local food was very community-based...

Tessa Holz and Corryn Hilligan Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Tessa Holz: 2021-11-18 21:24:20 Tessa Holz (20) talks to her classmate Corryn Hilligan (18) about dealing with the stress and fatigue caused by the climate crisis.

Memories of the William L. Clements Library

John Dann and Arlene Shy talk with Angela Oonk about their memories of working at the William L. Clements Library. John Dann was Curator of Manuscripts from 1972 to 1977 and Director from 1977 to 2007. Arlene Shy was a...

Taras Chicz and Isabel Mezei discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Taras and Isabel discuss the associations with stress and attention fatigue that the climate crisis has. Coping mechanisms, and emotional challenges were also discussed.

Sam and Morgan discuss building resiliency in a climate crisis
November 12, 2021 App Interview

Morgan discusses the personal impacts of the climate crisis and how it impacts her mental health, induces stress, and reduces her attentional capacity for other things. We then discuss effective ways to deal with the exacerbated stress and cope with...

Alicia and Bev Discuss Preparing for Climate Emergency

Alicia and Bev discuss the necessary preparations for a climate emergency that we are currently doing and those which we should be doing.

Morgan and Sam discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Sam shared different ways that he copes with stress or anxiety surrounding the climate crisis. We discussed feasible ways that individuals can take action in the present moment to promote their well-being and combat attentional fatigue. Sam suggested that neighborhoods...