Isabel bell and Tara kakar

I made this recording of my mom and I to share how she felt about her life and what was most important to her and what she has learned

Interview with Makeena Davis about Moving Away.

In this interview we talked about how Makeena felt about her life so far. We also talked about how she felt about moving away to college.

The Change in this World

Since 1948 so much has changed... families have grown apart and so have communities. So much anger and distance is depicted on television that people believe that is the way that life is supposed to be. I’m earlier times and...

Kimberly Hopkins and Connie Lint

Kimberly Hopkins (63) speaks with her sister, Connie Lint (69), about her time serving as mechanic in the Air Force and a member of the National Guard. Kimberly considers the discrimination she faced as a woman in the military and...

Chatting with my dad

I’m doing this as an English class project. I am simply chatting with my dad and asking him some questions that interest me about him

The Breakdown feat. Bryan West

Bryan tells his story, some struggles, challenges and advice throughout the podcast. He is one of the most influential, motivating, and positive people you’ll ever know. Through Newscasting, Photography, and Sobriety, Bryan has made an everlasting legacy.

Angela tells her life story, from having an above average intelligence to a devastating brain injury.

Angela was born with an above average intelligence, reading her first novel by age five, beginning college at eight, and receiving her doctorate by 18. After a 25-year career in the military, she experienced various explosions, one of which, in...

Embarking into a narrative journey with my friend Luis

I interviewed one of my best friends and we talked through a diverse subjects and see the point of view and beliefs of my friend which name is Luis

My mother

Mother and son Tami Matthew’s and Brody Hintz have a conversation about Tami growing up and me growing up with her being a single parent.

Colonel Terry Derouchey’s Military Career

In this interview, Colonel Terry DeRouchey discusses his time at West Point and some of the highlights of his military career. He served in the United States Military for 35 years.

American History – Great Thanksgiving Listen

Discussing with my grandmother about good memories she has with family. Originally recorded on November 23, 2019, but re-recorded on December 21st.

Austin Barraza and Frank Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his grandfather Frank Barraza (88) about his life, including his childhood, his career, and his time in the U.S. Air Force.

For school

Interviewing Tom a friend of my family’s for many years I ask him about jobs he has held his childhood and growing up was born in 1940s had many siblings and along life.

Interviewing My Grandpa:)

Me and my grandpa had a detailed discussion about his early life, life in pennsylvania, and his military life.

Grammie interview

Me and my grandma, Dawn Twitchell talked about childhood and love. Even thought we are hundreds of miles apart, our hearts are together.

Interview on my Mom “The Great Thanksgiving Listen”

Mostly about how my mothers life story was and what where the pros and cons. But also basing on the the hard worker, juggling things, having to go through and rough time when younger. How those hard time have progressed...

What it’s like to be a twin!

This is about my best friends life with me when we were younger because we are twins!

The Love of Life

The man I interviewed, Jim, had a very interesting life story. He talked about what was most important to him throughout his life, and how his love for the lord inspired him to continue doing what he loved.