80 Years of Life with Patricia Bailey

I, Charley Ryann Shannon age 14, the interviewer, am interviewing my great grandmother, Patricia Ann Bailey age 80, about her life and what it was like growing up in the times she did.

Me and my older sister discuss the future comically and philisophically

Isaak and Mary, brother and sister, share a laugh or two in their interview, wherein their satire is actually so bad that it surprisingly takes on a meaning of its own.

Brandon Bruce interviewing Great Granddad Bill Bruce

I learned a lot about my granddad and I hope future generation can see this

Interview with Aunt Carla

Did a interview with my Aunt Carla during thanksgiving break

A Country and Military Life

Grew up in Lonoke, Arkansas and worked in produce farm and saw mill. Joined army in 1984 and left in 2004. Influenced by step dad and metal shop teacher. Running in basic training was hardest. Hardest part was missing his...

Interview with grandfather

interviewed: Larry Concannon interviewer: Jacob Concannon past life: childhood activities, family, childhood home location. events: camping story, military stories.

Kathleen O’Dell and Jim O’Dell

Spouses, Kathleen O'Dell (68) and Jim O'Dell (74), share a conversation about how they first met, their favorite ways to spend time together, and how their own distinct personalities have complemented each other over time.

53 years of happiness

An interview with my Granny Bea about her & my Papa Carl’s marriage.

Senior Interview With My Father

Me and my dad talked about life and past events that have shaped us to the people and family we are today.

Mittie Robinson and Her Life Changing Experiences

I am Alyssa Alley (to the left) I am 19 years old. This is my grandmother Mrs. Robinson (to the right). I’m an only child in my family so my grandmother and I spend a lot of time together and...

The great listen -Myles and Willimae

The strong asset in my interveiw was that I learned that my grandmother was a great child and thats a reason why she has had a great 70 years.She didnt get a chance to go to college because her family...

The Flood of 82'

Kevin Witt (49) talks with his son, Nathan Witt about his experience of the flood of Clinton, Arkansas in 1982.

Interview with an Elder

My grandmother, JoAnn Griffin, describes what her life was like on the farm where she grew up. She tells how she met my grandfather and how she would like to be remembered.

Madison Gifford and her grandpa Wayne Drain talk about life morals, memorys/experiences, family and friends.

In this interview, made on November 23 in Russellville, Arkansas, Madison Gifford (12) interviews her grandpa Wayne Drain (68) about a series of questions containing family memorys and thanksgiving memories. Wayne Drain shares about his experiences with 9/11 attack on...

My grandmothers words
November 26, 2021 App Interview

In this interview my grandmother talks about her family more than anything because ever family is her greatest value.