Interview with my Aunt Aisha

Talking with my Aunt about her interests and the people around her who inspired her to do those things.

My Dad the Luger

Raymond L Fales, age 82, talks to his son, and his grandson about being on the U.S. Luge team in the 1964 Winter Olympics, in Innsbruck Austria.

Virginia Breen and Daniel Breen

Daniel Breen (26) shares a conversation with his mother, Virginia Breen (74), about Virginia's upbringing in Massachusetts, her advocacy for women's rights, and her travels around the world.


This interview investigates many historical events from the unique perspective of my mother who grew up in Austria in the late 1900s and moved to the USA in 1996 (a decision she goes into detail on). We discuss the influence...

KURT LUGER Kasperlgeschichte

Die berühmte Kasperlgeschichte, die mich und meine Kinder inspiriert und gefesselt hat, soll auch für UR-UR-UR Enkeln lebendig sein:)

Ben Wick and Felice Padma Wick

Ben Wick talks with his mother, Padma Wick, about the journey of her family to the US from Austria during World War II.

Holocaust survivor speaks about journey from Austria to the U.S

My grandma Trude was eleven years old when she and her parents escaped from Austria in the early 1940’s, on one of the last boats to the U.S. Her entire extended family perished in the concentration camps except a couple...

Teri Marton and Terry Quinn

Teri Marton (82) shares her experiences in and escape from Hungary during WWII with her friend and neighbor Terry Quinn (66).

Phyllis Rosenblum and Phyllis Plotnick

Phyllis Rosenblum (78) and Phyllis Plotnick (72) reflect on the start of the Friends group in the Gulfport Public Library. They share the pride in the increase in programming, establishing itself as a cultural hub for the area, and involving...

Gennady Belous and Dave Nash

Gennady Gene Belous (78) talks with his son-in-law Dave Nash (54) about his family's experience in labor camps, how they were granted amnesty to come live in the United States, and why he decided to legally change his middle name...

My Omas story!

I got to share stories that is near and dear to my heart although there are many more, you now have a glimpse into my Omas life. She's a living history book and I'm soo lucky to have her.-"Love you...