A Deep Conversation

This interview was conducted by Jose Quintero. The interviewee is Jacob Quiñónez, my cousin from my sisters dad side, we’re not not technically blood related but have been through it all. We ain’t sisters but we SISTAS! We lived together...

Interview with Mom

My mother talked about family her family, memories, and hopes and wishes

Janalynn Villasenor and Jeffery Puente

One Small Step conversation partners Janalynn Villasenor (38) and Jeffery Puente (30) talk about parenthood, their families' influence on their politics, and their shared desire to see communities and neighborhoods more connected.

80 Years of Life with Patricia Bailey

I, Charley Ryann Shannon age 14, the interviewer, am interviewing my great grandmother, Patricia Ann Bailey age 80, about her life and what it was like growing up in the times she did.


Interview with my grandma about her life,especially with my grandpa.

Nena’s Interview

My grandmother”s stokes (video cut off but it was finished) at the end of the story Nena said how her spouse always gave her kids time.

Grandma Final

we talked about her history and exciting moments that occur during her life time.

Theater Interview

In this interview, I got a chance to hear about what Bryce was most thankful for in life and what some of his best moments thus far have been. He was able to reflect on his positive influences as well...


THTR 3300 class section 70 StoryCorps assignment

Culture with my mom

About adapting to new American culture from Mexico, illegal immigration.

A Graceful Man, Manuel Carrizalez SR.

My Grandpa, is a man who defies his age by doing things that make him feel young at heart. He always radiates with positivity and is a very inspirational role model. His smile is infectious and his essence always brightens...

THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.

Interviewing Jazmine

Interviewing a future elementary teacher. Who is currently a mini- Corp tutor and helps out students in the areas they are struggling and learning about her life.

Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr.

In this interview my grandfather Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr. talks about his childhood and teenage years in Bakersfield, CA through his family, young love and life experiences.

LaQuesha Wiley and John Espinosa

One Small Step conversation partners LaQuesha Wiley (34) and John Espinosa (25) talk about their families, what it means to be a "moderate," vaccine hesitancy, and how COVID-19 has brought communities together

Interview with my Grandma

We talked about childhood experiences and all the other important memories she did in her life.

Darlene Castaneda and Diane Kirkland

One Small Step conversation partners Darlene Castaneda (59) and Diane Kirkland (48) talk about their upbringings, the role of social media, life in Bakersfield, and increasing division in the US.

Interview with my mom

We talked about life. My life when I was a baby/toddler & my mom’s life when she was younger.

A peek into my mother’s life

We talked about how she’d want to be remembered in the future. We also talked about how she imagined her life when she was younger, to how it is now.

How Two Hearts Met While Chasing the Harvest

Jack and Nancy met after both their families had moved to Bakersfield. They worked the fields and potato sheds with brothers and sisters. After marrying they settled and grew a business and a family together.

Russell Person and Ria Williams

One Small Step conversation partners Russell "Russ" Person (62) and Ria Williams (38) talk about the importance of education, the role of government in the social safety net, and diversity in sectors like academia and STEM