StoryCorp Final

Overall, the questions made Teresa emotional because she had to think about the heart hitting ones. I learned a lot about her.

History final 2017

I talked to my mom about her life and some of the things she has learned. We talked about what she hopes for and what she is proud of, through this interview I learned a lot more about my moms...

Interview with Mrs. McDonel

We had a very good interview. It was a total of 15 questions.

From the Farm to a Model

In November of 2017, 15 year old, Sam Geiger interviews his mom, Tricia Geiger in Los Angeles about her childhood, career path and challenges. Tricia explains in the interview what occurred between the years of 1964 to 2017 in her...

Per 3 History interview

Me and my uncle talked about his past life. I learned a lot of information from listening him answering my questions.

Catching Up with my Sister

My sister, Vanessa, and I talk about our childhood memories and what we see in our futures.

Moms past

In this interview I learned more about my mom’s past. She also talked about the good and bad memories she’s had in her life.

History final

We had a great interview. It was a little personal but straight out.

Mother’s Interview

This was an interiview done by me to my mom. She told me some of her greatest memories of her childhood and me. She also talked about her biggest influence in her life and proudest moments.

A peek into my mother’s life

We talked about how she’d want to be remembered in the future. We also talked about how she imagined her life when she was younger, to how it is now.

Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr.

In this interview my grandfather Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr. talks about his childhood and teenage years in Bakersfield, CA through his family, young love and life experiences.

My grandma’s life story

I asked my grandma about her life and what she has experienced and if she has any wisdom to share with others!

Interview Final

We talked about he’s life and why he moved to California


I talked about my mom and what her life was like.Who her parents were and why she loved them so much

My Mother’s Life Growing Up

In this recording, my mother and I talked about her life growing up. We also talked about the people who impacted it.

Interview with my mom

We talked about life. My life when I was a baby/toddler & my mom’s life when she was younger.